Minecraft VR with Oculus Rift also features a Virtual Livingroom, that allows resting from the intense and fully immersive VR experience without breaking play. Image Credit: Game Reel

Video game developer Mojang released the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta for the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift.

The VR device is developed and manufactured by VR tech company Oculus VR. The free update enables gamers to play the popular sandbox game, now in its VR version, with the Rift.

It is available for download in the Oculus Store or the Windows Store. Once installed, players can play the world’s best selling game on their desktop and VR headset. When signed into their Microsoft Account in the Windows Store, purchases within the app will sync across them.

Microsoft first allowed to upgrade the operating system to Windows 10 for free, but the offer expired last July 29 after exactly one year. Nonetheless, everyone who already owns a Minecraft PC or Mac Java edition gets the Windows 10 Edition beta completely free.

They just need to log into their Mojang account and click the redeem button. Gamers have modded support for the Oculus Rift into several popular titles, including Minecraft VR, but with the update, its low-level VR mod was discontinued by Mojang. In turn, Microsoft added an official Rift support.

Minecraft first landed on Samsung Gear VR

Back in April, Mojang launched a special edition of Minecraft for the Samsung Gear VR. Officially dubbed Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, it has all the features of Pocket Edition, costs the same and includes a cross-platform play with regular Pocket and Windows 10 editions.

They have to slot their Samsung smartphone into the Gear VR headset to display the Minecraft world. Compatible phones include the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, Note5, S6 and S6 edge. Players will also need a compatible Bluetooth controller.

Oculus recommends the SteelSeries Stratus XL controller that has a $60 price tag on Amazon.

The Samsung version, which costs $7 in the Oculus Store, lets players choose between a first-person or theater view. It comes with Creative and Survival modes, skins and multiplayer.

And now it’s Oculus Rift’s turn

According to Marsh Davies of Mojang, Minecraft VR includes innate keyboard and mouse support, unique VR control options with the Xbox One controller, powerful graphics cards, MSAA for crisp visuals, new render distance settings, optimized Windows 10 DX11 performance, and more granular customization of VR configuration.

The game also features a Virtual Livingroom, that allows resting from the intense and fully immersive VR experience without breaking play. And with the Win 10 upgrade players can play with Xbox Live friends (but only with those who have the Xbox 360 version) and with Pocket Edition owners.

Plus, it allows playing with a controller (Mojang advises Xbox controllers), keyboard, or even a touchscreen for Windows Phone and Microsoft Surface users. Finally, the built-in GameDVR can record and take screenshots in-game.

Other novelties include cross-platform worlds or realms, a 30-day trial, and City and Plastic texture packs. It further introduces new achievements for “When Pigs Fly” and “Saddling Up,” pistons, jungle temples and zombie villages, new mobs like Husk Mob and Stray Mob, and new UI to find skins and texture packs more easily.

Source: Mojang