Steam VR game sale
Steam VR game sale. Image credit: Game Spot

Steam has announced a sale that virtual reality fans may find particularly exciting. The gaming platform is selling 157 VR titles for up to 80% off this weekend, some of the best they have to offer bundled in a single package.

Valve’s game-store only just begun exploring the virtual reality world. The games and experience on this not-so-long list will work with the Oculus Rift and the HTC life, which is, by the way, a collaboration between a Taiwanese company and Steam’s creator.

The offer will be on the event page, and it ranges from genres as horror games, ping pong titles, action, adventure, survival puzzle or space simulators. Some pieces cost less than $2, and Users can grab the whole library in one go.

The VR Weekend sale is already live, and it will be up and running until August 1, 10 AM Pacific/1PM Eastern. Other two highly anticipating VR games are also soon to become new members of the Windows VR family.

Steam VR game sale
Steam VR game sale. Image from Reddit.

HTC Vive renews the horror genre with Adr1ft VR

HTC VIVE is presenting the interstellar horror title Adr1ft, which is open for purchase on Steam.  During the weekend off sale, it will cost $9.99. The game already launched earlier this year for Oculus Rift, and this is an excellent opportunity to get it for half the price.

It is a virtual reality free-floating space survival simulator that asks a lot of stomachs from their players, even if they are not sensitive to augmented experiences. Adr1ft is a gate to push sci-fi games into new boundaries.

Players can turn their every-day living rooms into a zero-gravity environment wearing a space suit and positional jets to perform epic acrobatics while they bounce around. One extra incentive of this zero-gravity simulator is the immersive voice acting and the balanced environments. The result is a feeling of loneliness, danger, and fear. Forbes magazine gave the game a 10-star review and described as “evocative, chilling, tense and unique space thriller.” Even when is not for everyone, noted critic Jason Evangelho.

Minecraft will enter the Rift 

Microsoft’s Minecraft fans are in for a treat, as the famous game will be making its way to Facebook’s Oculus VR headset within the next weeks.

The Oculus version of the game uses a new C++ variant of the code that lacks some of the most advanced features in the original Java-based game.

The massive 3-dimensional game sees players traveling around a Lego-like world, where they gather materials to build anything they can imagine in square blocks.

The announcement of Minecraft VR comes with the game one year’s anniversary on Windows. It will be a free update, and it will probably be available until this Friday, July 29, which also the last day to upgrade to Windows 10 for free.


Sony will compete with the Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE got first to the market, but Playstation is going on its quest for virtual reality. The PS4 is already set to handle VR content and has a big community eager to try it out.

Sony Corporation (NASDAQ: SNE) released a trailer Asia showing how many titles will feature in the PlaystationVR, set to launch on the 13th October 2016.

The video includes flying, racing, puzzle, shooters, horror, RPGs, adventure and more, just a peak of the versatility this technology has to offers. Some of the titles are well known, as the upcoming Final Fantasy XV or Resident Evil 7.

Source: Engadget