The PlayStation VR to be released in October 2016
The PlayStation VR to be released in October 2016. Image from YouTube.

Sony announced at the Game Developers Conference press that the PlayStation VR headset would hit the shelves in October 2016 for $399. The tech giant unveiled the release date at the Game Developers Conference press back in March. That price does not include the PS Move camera, nor the PS Move hand-tracking controllers, though.

The PlayStation VR counts with a single 5.7 inches, 120Hz OLED display. It has a 100-degree field of view that runs on a 1920×1080 resolution. Sony expects the latency between the player’s physical movement and the image on the screen will be less than 18ms.

Just months before the official release date, October 13th, The Asian company revealed more information regarding the amount of free space needed to experience the VR set correctly. The specifications are at the company’s local website. 

People will need a ‘PlayStation VR game room.’ 

Playstation recommends an area of 60 square feet of play space for VR games.  They added that most games would require the player to be sitting and would not require as much space. However, games that involve users moving around will need the recommended space at least.

On a related safety guide,  Sony highly suggested testing the VR set before purchasing it because some people might feel uncomfortable while using it and might get nauseous. Also, the guide warned that the device could cause a lot of stress on the bodies of children under 12. 

When VR technology first appeared, a lot of people were worried about the side effects like nausea and dizziness. However, companies have developed a lot of measures to counter the secondary effects.

Umbrella Corporation has its sight on the new Sony VR gear 

Batman Arkham VR: The new Arkham game will show Batman’s detective and psychological skills in a comic fashion. It will also let the player explore famous places like the Wayne Manor and the Batcave. It is scheduled to release on October 13. 

Farpoint: It will be one of the first VR FPS where players will try to get out of an alien planet after crashing their spaceship. The game will support the new PS VR aim controller as the gun in VR. There is no release date yet.

Resident Evil VII Biohazard: One of the most iconic franchises from Capcom will debut in VR with Resident Evil VII Biohazard. Their makers described the game as a nightmarish feeling. 

“The unsettling feeling of presence to a level that horror fans have never experienced,” said the developing team. 

Star Wars: Battle Front X-Wing VR: Probably the most anticipated VR game exclusively announced for PS VR. The first trailer appeared at the GDC 2016, and it featured a glimpse at an X-Wing cockpit. There is no official release date yet. 

Ace Combat 7: Namco Bandai’s classic will also debut in VR with realistic graphics and some real life aircraft. The game will bring the most realistic dogfights ever seen in video games. However, the developers didn’t give a specific release date. 

The VR headset will be available October 13 for $399 in America, £349 in Great Britain, €399 in Europe and  ¥44,980 Japan

Source: PC Magazine