Samsung's Gear S3 is basically a smartphone
Samsung's Gear S3 review. Image credit: CNN Money.

The Samsung Gear S3 premium smartwatch is already available for pre-order in the United States. The LTE-compatible accessory will sell through AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, with prices depending on the carrier.

Besides its elegant design, which comes in two editions, ‘Frontier’ and ‘Classic,’ the Gear S3 will feature built-in capabilities to integrate it with Samsung smartphones. Its features currently place it one step ahead from other wearables including the Apple Watch 2.

The watch, at first glance, seems only tailored for outdoor activities but its functions go way beyond.

Samsung Gear S3 specs and design

The Samsung Gear 3 Classic edition is minimalistic making it look more casual, while the Frontier has the appearance of a sports watch. Both wearables feature a Home and Back button on the side, and people  can navigate its apps by using the movable round bezel at the top.

The integrated GPS functionality allows the watch to perform various functions including working as an exercise or sports companion, displaying stats, progress, and scores. Samsung states that the 380mAh battery has an average life of four days.

Both models have the same dimensions (46 x 49 x 12.9T), but the Frontier weighs a total of 63g, a little more than the 59g Classic. The 1.3″ screen features Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ and 360 x 360 full-color display.

It has an internal storage of 786MB working with 4GB of RAM. The smartwatch also charges wirelessly with WPC inductive technology, Accelerometer, Gyro, and Barometer sensors along with an Ambient Light detection system and a heart rate monitor.

LTE models can carry an embedded SIM card. The OS is Tizen-Based Wearable version 2.3.2 running on an Exynos Dual 1.0GHz chip. The watches are waterproof and dust resistant.

Users can switch between many Always on Display (AOD) configurations for their watches, and this allows them to perform better in activities like trekking, jogging or hiking.

The stainless steel bezel displays available apps circularly allowing users to make and take calls directly from their watches, listen to voice messages and using Samsung Pay with the Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies.

Samsung Gear S3 price and release date

A press release issued by Samsung on November 3 states that the starting price will be $349.99. Users will be able to buy it on Amazon as well, with orders shipping on November 18.

Other functions include the ability to download and use apps such as Uber, listen to music with the aid of Bluetooth wireless earphones, search the web, schedule alarms, and much more. Samsung claims it supports over 10,000 apps as of now.

The Gear S3 performs almost all of the functions found in a smartphone, which makes it an excellent alternative for users looking to stay connected and manage their lives in a more practical way.

Source: Samsung Gear S3