Samsung Z2 coming coming soon Specs, cost, and release date
Samsung is inviting the press to unveil a new smartphone in India. Referential image credit: Techno Blink.

Earlier this week, the South Korean mobile giant, Samsung, started sending invitations for an official unveiling event on August 23 in India, where the company is expected to unveil its long-awaited Samsung Z2.

Much speculation surrounds the stars of the evening next Tuesday, but the Tizen-powered Z2 is one of the suspects for Tuesday night. The reveal would follow weeks of rumors and specs surfacing online, as consumers expect Samsung’s second generation of Tizen smartphones in the Indian market and similar markets.

The “Z” series first started as a two-pronged venture: a low-cost smartphone for selected audiences and a way to initially introduce the Tizen operating system to the mainstream market. Samsung is one of the developing houses behind the HTML5-based OS Tizen, and its Z1 and Z3 models released last year have registered over 1 million devices sold in India alone.

Samsung will unveil a new smartphone in August
Samsung will unveil a new smartphone in August. Image credit: GSM Arena.

Samsung India invited a selected group of guests to meet the company’s “next meaningful invention”, further adding the center of the event will be the unveiling of a new smartphone.

Design and display

Much like its predecessors the Z1 and Z3, the Samsung Z2 is not particularly designed to impress, sporting a more conservative look than that of its flagship brothers. The Z2 will reportedly be in the mid-range market scale, with either a 3.97 or 4.5-inch LCD, as opposed to the previously rumored AMOLED.

Early images suggest that the final design of the Z2’s body will be similar to what has already reached the web: a regular-sized device, square shape with semi-rounded edges and the signature “Home” and navigation buttons from Samsung.

Other than that, users will have to wait until official launch to see if the grill-like back texture will be standard for the Z2 and whether it will come only in gold as previously shown.

Specs, price, and release date

The robust design of the Z2 packs some entry-level features in a low-cost smartphone, offering a VGA front-facing camera and a 5 MP rear camera with smart photo options for selfies and portraits.

Furthermore, a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor powers the Z2 along with 1 GB of RAM. Base storage on the Tizen-powered handset is 8 GB, with expected expansion capabilities based on the Z1 and the Z3. The Samsung device will pack a 1,500 mAh battery, and it will run Tizen 2.4.

If revealed this next Tuesday, reports suggest the Samsung Z2 could see a launch window opening as soon as October this year, with a reported price tag under $100 for consumers in India, and potentially Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Source: The Times of India