Rumors about Galaxy X talk about flexible 4K displays
Samsung Galaxy X could transform from a phone to a smartwatch or a tablet. Image from YouTube.

The rumored Galaxy X family will center its innovations in the field of flexible and foldable AMOLED displays. The brand new Samsung Galaxy lineup is expected to launch at the Mobile World Congress in February 2017, carrying these type of AMOLED screens.

One of the upcoming X-devices is rumored to start out as a regular Galaxy smartphone and then be able to fold into something more compact, unlike a flip or clamshell phone. Rollable OLEDs are also in Samsung’s sights, which could translate in roll-up phones that can bend around one’s wrist and become a smartwatch.

From phones that unfold into tablets or smartwatches to phone-tablet hybrids, Samsung could be on the verge of a Transformers-like generation of devices. The increasing demand for phablet devices gives Samsung the edge on this field, and past failures on the matter, like the Kyocera Echo, will serve as a guide of what not to do.

Samsung has been working on flexible screens since 2013

The Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy Note 7 Edge, Galaxy 8, Galaxy 8 edge and the all-new foldable Galaxy X are set to be Samsung’s flagship smartphones for 2017. While the first four are more than certainty, the last one is still in the shadows awaiting official confirmation.

Reportedly, the Samsung Galaxy X is part of the top-secret Project Valley which focuses on developing foldable smartphones. The South Korean company first showed off its flexible OLED display Youm at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2013.

X-related rumors suggest the foldable smartphone will be a 5-inch handset. When it unfolds, or “opens,” the phone’s length would grow to 7 inches. Samsung has supposedly partnered with both local and international companies to develop its X-Files devices.

Galaxy X family: Rumors and specs 

The Galaxy X, allegedly coded under model number SM-G929F, will first hit stores in Europe and South Korea. The US is missing from the list, but it probably means the X will arrive later.

PenTile matrix display, deployed in the Galaxy S7s, will appear again on the Galaxy X, which will also champion a 4K resolution display, the Android N operating system, and a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830 processor.

But its most exciting features are the ones viewed as an impossibility. It’s still unknown how Samsung will include a microSD card slot, a camera module, and water resistance given the Galaxy X will be foldable.

The Galaxy X, the first of Samsung’s “X-Men” family, will probably debut in the spring of 2017 and have a starting price higher than the Galaxy S7 (around $650 or more).

Source: Android Headlines