Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 7's specs and release date
Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 7's specs and release date. Image credit: I Tech Post

Samsung showcased the new Galaxy Note 7 at a press conference in New York City today. The South Korean conglomerate unveiled the phone`s new features such as a dual-curved screen, water-proofed S Pen, iris security scanner, expandable memory, and rounded back for easier handling of the 5-7-inch product. The Galaxy Note 7 is coming on August 19.

The Galaxy Note 7 comes with all the basic specs that users expect from their phones. Continuing the tradition of past products like last year’s Galaxy Note 5 and the new S7 Edge, Samsung has expanded its concept by adding the waterproof feature to the phone and the S Pen, plus a 64Gb internal storage capacity with the option for expansion up to 256GB via MicroSD card. 

The phone works with the already known Qualcomm Snapdragon processor for U.S users, and like its predecessors, it has a RAM of 4GB and a 12-megapixel camera with f/1.7 lens, as well as optical stabilization. The Note 7`s battery has been upgraded from 3000 to 3500 mAh for quick standard and wireless charging.

Both the Galaxy Note 7 and the S pen are waterproof

Samsung intends to improve security by adding something new: an iris scanner. In addition to its security solutions software called “Knox,” the Galaxy Note 7 has the option of unlocking the phone with the eyes. 

A stylus classic, the Note series S Pen evolved to facilitate both writing and drawing with a smaller 0.7 mm tip made to enhance hand movement. The rumor was right, and the S pen is waterproof too, so users will be able to write things on the screen even if it’s raining. 

Besides, people will be able to take notes without unlocking their phones. If they need to write something down quickly, they can just do it on the locked screen, and the phone will store the message.

The new phablet will run popular games like Dota 2 and Doom 

The capacity for playing games and watching movies is a vital aspect of any smartphone or tablet. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 intends to keep up with the ever-growing gaming community and the movie watchers with its HDR-compatible mobile screen to ensure high-level brightness and resolution. 

Games will run on the 3D cross-platform Vulkan, an API that began supporting titles like the classic ‘Doom’, ‘The Talos Prince’ and the famous MOBA: Dota 2. More games will be available at the google play store.

The Galaxy Note 7 is going to hit the shelves on August 19th on all major carriers, with preorders starting August 3rd. Price is to be determined, but it will be higher than the S7 Edge, according to the company.

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