The Galaxy note went directly from 5 to 7. Image credit: YouTube

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is probably one of the most leaked gadgets this year. Even though Samsung has not confirmed anything, there are several rumors about it. All kinds of speculations are all over the net starting with the release date.

The IFA conference in Berlin is the oldest industrial exhibition in the world, and Samsung has been present in the annual event the last couple of years. In fact, the Korean organization always takes the opportunity to brag about its newest series of gadgets before Apple releases its own, and 2016 doesn’t seem to be the exception. The staff already announced the Galaxy S7 and the Edge version for August 2 on the eve of the Olympic Games. The rumor has it that the Note 7 would be launched amidst the same month, so the Korean company can present the whole 7 series at the IFA conference which is scheduled to start on September 2.

Due to leaked images, there is a lot of information on the looks department. The Galaxy Note 7 is probably going to feature a 5.7-inch screen with curved borders. Two metal colored plates are going to assemble the smartphone from back and front. The latest pictures indicate the phablet is going to come in three colors; gold, blue, and silver.

The designers decided to keep using three holes for the speakers and the front camera. However, the position is inverted in comparison to the previous model, the Galaxy Note 5.

A new S Pen could debut with the phablet along with a brand new interface

The most recently leaked pictures don’t only show the phablet, they also show a new smart pen. People call it the S Pen 7, and it is going to come in matching colors with the gadget. For instance, if someone decides to get the golden Note 7, they would also get a golden Smart Pen. Besides, sources say the new pen is going to support new Air Command features.

The Galaxy Note 7 could also feature a new interface. Yes, the distinctive look and feel that has been present in the Note series since it was first released might go through some changes to refresh the series’ image.

Samsung smart pens. Image credit:
Samsung smart pens. Image credit:

There are few details about its technical specifications

So far, Samsung has said nothing about what to expect on the Note 7’s spec sheet. However, rumors set the default storage at 64 GB with a microSD slot for further expansion. People also talk about a 12 MP main camera and a 5 MP Selfie cam, and a 3.0 USB Type C-port that supports fast charging.

However, the star of the hardware show is the possible iris scanner. It uses the front camera to scan the eyes of the users to give him access. In combination with the fingerprint reader, it provides much more security than the old alpha-numeric passwords.

The company confirmed the 7 series has water and dust proof certificate, but people went further and said users would be able to write on their Note 7 underwater which is great news for scuba divers and ocean researchers.

The previous Note came under the name of Galaxy Note 5, and no one knows why the company decided to skip the “Note 6” model. In fact, this article compiled the most plausible rumors about the new Samsung’s phablet, but it is important to remember that the Korean tech monster has not confirmed any of it.

Source: Tech Times