When the launch for the S6 had taken place, Samsung was not just hinting at impressive technological specimen; the South Korean giant was also looking at a reinvention and they had proved that by getting rid of the bland plasticky design that used to be the trademark of earlier flagship devices.

However, people were still unhappy with this approach by the company, as Samsung had ditched several features that were the reason why fans used to prefer the Galaxy S line over the counterparts from LG and HTC, and the iPhone – the latter being the biggest rival.

Now, it seems like Samsung has heard the complaints made by customers and have not incorporated any non-safe reinventions with the S7. This makes the device ever so desirable, as they have continued the base that was formed with the S6 and changed the things that we didn’t like.

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Below are five features of the Galaxy S7 which we think have made the device a very attractive one. Do keep in mind that the same points are applicable to the S7 Edge as it only has a larger screen size and a bigger battery.

Always-on display


This is a feature that was first implemented by Motorola. Its main function allows users to glance at notifications and other information without waking their device up, and since the handset sports an AMOLED display, only those pixels light up that are being used. This not only makes the feature useful, but also saves a lot on the battery.

Larger Battery


Battery life was one of the biggest issues that S6 users have with the device. Samsung has made a  substantial upgrade over the S6, from 2,550mAh to 3,000mAh. This change could make a difference worth several hours and all this together with always on display could last you a day worth of usage on mixed usage. The battery is not swappable, but, the fast charging, along with wireless charging, more than makes up for it.

Expandable Storage


This is a feature that had mixed reactions in the past. When Samsung had decided to dismiss the expandable storage and had tried to make the users more reliant on the cloud, there was general discontent among them. The Galaxy S7 sports a hybrid SIM tray that supports microSD cards for up to 200GB of additional storage.

Dual Pixel Camera


Samsung devices are known for their camera quality for years now and it looks like the S7 is not going to break the tradition. The smartphone has been packed with a dual pixel 12-megapixel rear-facing shooter, which also features optical image stabilization and an F1.7 aperture.

Samsung claims that the sensor will be able to capture 95 percent more light compared to the Galaxy S6, which will make sure of better performance in low light conditions and will also make the auto-focus faster.

IP68 Certification


Weather proofing of smartphones and tablets has been a mixed application. Some manufacturers have chosen to do it while others have opted against it. The Galaxy S7 carries IP68 certification, making the device dust and water resistant. Samsung claims that you can submerge your device up to 1.5 metres of water for 30 minutes. However, we recommend against doing this. This feature will surely come in handy in case of accidental spills and dust.

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