Those gamers who own a regular Playstation 4 or are looking forward to it its slim version should not be worried about being out-dated. Image Source: Android Central

The dust has just settled after Sony’s PlayStation meeting that was held the past Wednesday at the PlayStation Theater located in New York and the first analysis have just started to appear. Many gaming experts have begun their impressions on what was shown about the PlayStation 4 Pro while gamers around the world wonder if the investment is worth it.

Sony managed to get the eyes of the world on their PlayStation meeting last Wednesday when they finally unveiled the project that all rumors were pointing out, The PlayStation 4 Pro is coming. The Pro version is coming with a new AMD Jaguar processor with a more powerful GPU core, which promises to deliver both 4k and HDR graphics in newer games.

This new model will come with a price tag of $399 at local retailers in its core bundle, just as the regular PlayStation 4 stands with complete bundles. Also, gamers need to upgrade their TV’s hardware to join the HDR generation of displays as this seems to be the native screen that the PlayStation 4 Pro will work with.

The 4k dilemma of the Pro version

The PlayStation conference offered a more visual approach as Sony representatives choose to show different short gameplay scenes instead of just talking about what the PlayStation 4 Pro can do, and it’s precisely this footage what has been the subject of analysis from the specialized media after the initial shock of the event.

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a graphic update for the High-Resolution definition that softens most light tones providing an enhanced quality of complex color tones. To sum up, it will provide an impressive boost to the current HD graphics whiteout providing something truly new.

Following this trend, Johan Anderson, one the leader designers of Electronic Arts graphic department tweeted a video in which the unreleased Mass Effect: Andromeda is shown in its 4K resolution. When asked by one of the fans if this was going to be the native settlement of the game he answered with grave “(more details) can’t be given at this time.”

A side by side comparison between the PlayStation 4 and the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro. Image Source: IGN
A side by side comparison between the PlayStation 4 and the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro. Image Source: IGN

These separated events sparked even more interesting on analysis around the world who currently are wondering if the improvements are going be worth the price since so far all there is to see are promises and footage of older games. So far all gameplay that has been shown in 4K seems to be upgraded or upscaled from simpler graphic builds which have left many disappointed.

It is yet to be seen the real power of the 4K in the PlayStation 4 Pro but Sony needs to step up their game if the wish to compete with Microsoft in the new upgrade war that is being wagered between the Pro version and the Xbox project Scorpio.

Source: Engadget