Those gamers who own a regular Playstation 4 or are looking forward to it its slim version should not be worried about being out-dated. Image Source: Android Central

After some wild speculations and leaks during the last few weeks, Sony took the stage and announced what was already expected by everyone; The Playstation 4 is finally getting a rework. This time, it will result in two different options to choose from, the Playstation 4 Pro and the classic slim version of the current gen console, in this case, the Playstation 4.

Sony also announced the current generation of PlayStation 4 would receive a significant update so it won’t be left behind.

The last couple of weeks, many gamers were fascinated with the rumors regarding the newest member of the PlayStation family. Formerly known as Playstation Neo, people made comments online speculating about its release date and even a video was leaked on YouTube showing the unboxing of the slim version just yesterday.

Today, Sony finally announced the official name of this new model is Playstation Pro during its conference held in New York at The Playstation Theater. Furthermore, its release date was also confirmed due to November 10th and its price at 399$.

This model will receive considerable hardware upgrades allowing it to support the so expected 4K resolution. It was also confirmed that it would be given a fresh catalog of remastered games and some new releases made specifically ensure that this feature is properly experienced.

What’s more, Sony also spoke about another member of the family that many had discussing about this year, the Playstation 4 slim. Featuring a very minimalistic approach, this new model has been confirmed to support all current perks and software upgrades that the regular Playstation 4 has but with a more power-efficient system. This model its scheduled for release due September 15th at the reduced cost of 300$ in most retailers, providing to be an affordable choice for gamers with a tight budget who want to enjoy the current generation of platform games finally.

Finally, those of you who own a regular Playstation 4 or are looking forward to it its slim version should not be worried about being out-dated. During this same event, Sony has confirmed that next week a new firmware version will be launched worldwide bringing HDR (High Dynamic Range) to all current gen of PlayStation 4s.

This feature will enhance the graphics on newer games on the PlayStation 4 and Playstation 4 slim, closing the gap with the Playstation Pro to make sure that there are no exclusive releases shortly for the Pro version.

It is currently unknown exactly to what extent the HDR is going to change previously released games. Nonetheless, it has been mentioned that big releases such as Mass Effect: Andromeda, Horizon Zero Dawn, among others, are going to fully support this feature so expect a significant change in the graphic department for newer games from now on.

Source: Venture Beat