Corsair’s new 570X RGB, 460X RGB, and 270R gaming cases review. Image: The Overclocker.

On Monday, Corsair Components launched three new cases in crystal and carbide materials: the 570X RGB, the 460X RGB, and the 270R. The PC cases are readily available from Corsair and select retailers, just in time for the holiday season.

The latest cases by Corsair arrive just days before the Black Friday which is on November 24.

The mass sales holiday will bring exclusive deals in PC parts like graphic cards, while some retailers will have record offers in laptops, tablets, computers, smartphones, and more.

Corsair’s cases come as a bare alternative for PC users and gamers who prefer to build their rig part by part.

For those who prefer a powerful PC already assembled, Lenovo recently launched the IdeaCentre Y710 Cube for all your gaming needs, including virtual reality.

Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB: Specs and price

570x_rgb_photo. Image: Corsair Components.
570x_rgb_photo. Image: Corsair Components.

The first of the new cases by Corsair is the Crystal Series 570X RGB. This case features an all glass build, with four individual tempered glass panels that let people see the insides of your rig from every angle.

The 570X RGB comes with three SP120 RGB LED fans included, and users can control the colors of the display with a dedicated button panel in the front of the case.

The new Corsair case includes a cable management setup built-in, and it has room for up to six fans. The 570X RGB is compatible with 120, 280, and 320mm radiators for all your cooling solutions.

A backlight illuminates the iconic Corsair logo on the front panel, much like the fans that come with the case. The Crystal Series 570X RGB costs $180, and it is readily available at Corsair’s official website.

Corsair Crystal Series 460X RGB: Specs and price

460X_RGB_Photo. Image: Corsair Components.
460X_RGB_Photo. Image: Corsair Components.

The second case of the new Corsair lineup is the mid-tower Crystal Series 460X RGB. Much like its high-end brother, the 460X RGB also features tempered glass panels, but only two, on the front and the side.

The 460X RGB offers the same three-fan setup included in the 570X RGB, and it even packs the same SP120 RGB LED fans to light up the inner build. However, this is the top capacity of the rig as it has no more room for extra fans.

Corsair included a Direct Airflow cooling layout on the 460X RGB with the option to set up liquid cooling systems with 240, 280, 0r 360mm radiators in front, and 240mm on top.

The Crystal Series 460X RGB goes for $140 from Corsair itself, who also offers the case as a non-RGB lit model for $120 with two fans.

Corsair Carbide Series 270R: Specs and price

Carbide_270R_Windowed_photo. Image: Corsair Components.
Carbide_270R_Windowed_photo. Image: Corsair Components.

Finally, the Carbide Series 270R is the premium yet budget alternative of the new case lineup by Corsair. The tower comes in two presentations: windowed and not windowed.

The windowed option features a single tempered glass panel on the side to let people show off their setup. The non-windowed alternative comes in a slick all-black carbide design with stylish lines and features.

The 270R aims to be intuitive for PC builders, including room and space for part configuration, cable management setups, cooling systems, and fans thanks to its Direct Airflow Path.

The windowed version of the Carbide Series 270R goes for $70 on Corsair’s official site.

Source: Corsair Components