Black Friday deals, iPhone 7 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 series. Image from YouTube.

Black Friday is scheduled for November 25, and most retailers are already gearing up for what will probably be one of the biggest of the decade, with one of the greatest range of deals and promotions.

This year saw the release of not only new offers for smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but also electronics such as hoverboards and drones, along with video game consoles and virtual reality gadgets, among other things.

Though these newest additions signal a complete shift in the electronics market, attracting wider audiences and diversifying choice for users, there’s still room to talk about traditional comparisons for best-selling products. In this case, the market showdown between the iPhone 7 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Both phones are currently the flagship devices and signature products for the two largest smartphone sellers in the world. They represent the standard of ‘premium’ smartphones, so it is worth taking a deep look into their similarities and differences.

Round one: Storage and processing power

The S7 features Samsung’s most powerful chip, the Exynos 8 Octa 8890 while the 7 Plus contains the Apple A10 Fusion. Arguably, both of them can reach the same processing power (Samsung 2300MHz, iPhone 2340MHz).

Curiously, the Samsung processor is octa-core while Apple’s chip is quad-core, both of them are 64-bit. The S7 beats the 7 Plus in the RAM department by 1GB, given that the 7 Plus has 3GB RAM.

Built-in storage seems to be a given for Apple, 256GB vs. the 32GB offered by Samsung. However, there’s a catch. Apple does not allow more space while Samsung supports microSD cards of up to 200GB, which puts in almost on par with the 7 Plus.

Round two: who has the best camera?

Both have rear 12MP cameras, but the iPhone wins the front camera department with its 7MP lens (Samsung offers 5MP).

They both record almost the same 4K and HD types of video, the only difference being that the iPhone can record 1080p at 120fps (Samsung records this resolution at 60fps).

Apple released the iPhone 7 Plus with a big emphasis on its camera system, which features two lenses for features like Portrait Mode, RAW image capture and much more. Samsung is rivaling almost all of these specs but fails to compete on this aspect. The iPhone 7 Plus camera system offers an entirely different photographic experience.

Round three: display, build, connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge’s battery (3600mAh) beats iPhone’s (2900 mAh) in almost all performance settings. Also, USB connectivity puts it yards away from the iPhone regarding what users can get into the phone, but this is something that Apple will never change.

The Samsung’s screen is larger than the iPhone, but the latter has more pixels (401ppi), which translates to better image quality. The Samsung’s resolution is better, however (2560p).

The Samsung’s glass build and AMOLED design also fall a bit short from the iPhone’s full aluminum IPS LCD build.

Round Four: Black Friday deals 

Apple products have a fame for being overpriced, but the iPhone is a little more expensive than the Galaxy S7. The manufacturer suggested retail price (or MSRP) for the 7 Plus starts at $969, and Samsung follows closely with a $799 tag.

Best Buy and Target will offer people who are Verizon, AT&T, or Verizon customers a gift card with the purchase of an iPhone 7. The gift cards will have up to $250.

Best Buy will also offer the Samsung Galaxy 7 for $549,99 and S7 Edge at $669,99 on the online store. Additionally, the retailer will throw in the Samsung Fast Wireless Charge that costs around $60.

They are both great smartphones, but the customers will ultimately decide which won the Black Friday showdown.

Source: Phone Arena