Pro tips on how to star a successful startup
Pro tips on how to star a successful startup. Image credit: OWNFC.

In today’s business affairs, building hype around upcoming companies is vital for ultimate success. Nearly 75% of startups fail within the first three years. So it is crucial to have an established clientele or at least interested audience before the product reach the market.

Startups are steadily gaining importance in business development, and they are becoming essential acquisitions to big enterprises in its route towards innovation. But without a clear strategy before the launch, even the most solid product or service in history could never see the light of the day.

Fortunately, some of the people that made it are more than willing to help other reach their objectives. Here is a little compilation of what they suggest to start a succesful startup.

Products, target market, influencers

The reason behind the company is always the goods or services it offers. Promote the new business with clear preliminary advertising about the offerings. It will generate interest in both people and other companies.

Lay out how they will change the lives of customers, and how they will evolve when the company launches.

Another major factor for a successful business is to know its target audience and provide them with information of their interest. Define the type of media channels they prefer and create the brand’s personality to speak in their language. A relatable product or service will persuade them into pledging to the cause.

The next step is to combine their relatable offer with the right opinion from leaders or influencers in their communities.

These people will make a profound impact on the public perception of the company and its offerings. Bloggers, politicians, educators, journalists and other well-known business owners can get customers excited about the innovative idea the startup is bringing to the table.

Website, prizes, suspense

Once the startup launches, constant growth should be a top priority. By creating a website with a pre-order form, owners are doing just that. A quick and user-friendly page easily shareable on social media with the most relevant info about the product or service will indeed produce the coveted pre-launch hype.

Hold prize contests involving potential customers for them to sign up early. The game needs defined goals like raising awareness or social responsibility, and the prize has to be something special edition like.

Collect data and rely on the feedback to know if the strategy is working or not. Placing an Analytics code on every page to track each visit is the way to go.

However, be careful not to give away too many details of the product or service with the info supplied on the website, advertising or contests. It will kill anticipation and the launching day will not be as fun.

Source: Entrepreneur