Nokia smartphone.
Nokia smartphone. Image: WallPaperSafari.

Nokia has confirmed the release of two new devices that will lead the company’s future lineup, which many people believe should undergo a much-needed redesign. They will unveil the phone at the World Mobile Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

The first phone will be a mid-range smartphone and the second a flagship handset that will most likely try to compete with the Samsung Galaxy 8 and the iPhone. An official release date will come after the WMC.

The new Nokia devices will be Android phones, a significant shift from the company’s partnership with the Windows mobile OS. Though they never stopped making smartphones, the release of two Android devices could be the first step toward becoming a cellphone giant once again.

Rumored features, details, and release date for the new devices

Online sources are reporting these phones will most likely come out during the first quarter of 2017, which is right after the WMC. The premium model will probably pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor (curiously not 821) and a 22MP Carl Zeiss camera.

The phone will come with Android Nougat and will have a metallic design similar to other Nokia phones, according to first rumors. They might also pack a fingerprint scanner and improved internal sensors that relate to Nokia’s graphene research.

There will be a difference in size between the phones. Most likely, the mid-range will be about 5.2-ich, and the premium device will a 5.5-inch. Nokia fans expect them to have an OLED display with QHD resolution.

The device will also be waterproof with an IP67 certification, a huge perk that not many devices currently sport.

The rumor has it Nokia will launch VR tech

These rumors follow the leak of a presentation slide allegedly owned by Nokia that disclaimed their plans for 2017 and 2018.

On a given slide, the company’s plans for 2016 include the launch of the OZO VR camera and a mention of the HMD deal. HMD is Nokia’s current parent company, formed earlier in May of this year.

The company’s supposed plans for 2017 clearly indicated the return of the Nokia brand, along with “expanded VR leadership,” and an incursion into digital health, automotive technologies, and consumer electronics.

2018, according to the presentation, will solidify all of these endeavors laying the foundation for a brand new future for Nokia. These two rumored flagship smartphones will be crucial for Nokia’s renaissance.

Source: Trusted Reviews