Since the diversity of our world gives us the chance to explore, engage, and experience the best, travelling around the world has become a tradition these days. Alongside, the dependency of people on tech has also increased, and therefore new gadgets have come up for travel lovers to make their travel a great experience. In order to enrich this experience, travellers ought to have some of the following indispensable items in their carry list, ahead of their toothbrush, shoes, and identity card. First and foremost device which ought to be carried is the smartphone that acts as the best travel companion, no matter you are

First and foremost device which ought to be carried is the smartphone that acts as the best travel companion, no matter you are travelling alone or with a company. The relevance of mobile devices is tied to how the device improves the quality of travel itself. Business travelers use mobile devices to remain tightly connected to their home office. Leisure travelers use it as a tool for navigation, for photo-taking, and for staying connected to loved ones through social media. Also, it allows for a seamless experience with different kinds of apps, which enable users to be more productive and efficient, thereby, maintaining a work-life balance.

Apart from this, other useful gadgets worthy of the (extremely limited) carry-on space for a traveler are a camera, kindle, fitness tracker, laptop, power bank, a pair of headphones, and an internet dongle. Now, let’s dig deeper to see how each of these gadgets can enrich a traveler’s experience:

1. iPhone 6 Plus

E7RY09 Apple Silver iPhone 6 Plus showing the home screen with iOS 8.

A super-sized iPhone 6, it’s a phone that displays all Apple’s key trademarks. It has a great screen, superb quality fit and finish and one of the best point-and-click cameras. Surely, after a few weeks of reading on its stunning a 5.5-inch Retina HD display, you may find this iPhone replacing your iPad—giving you one less thing to pack.

2. Panasonic Lumix TS6

A solid all-rounder, this 16.1-megapixel point-and-shoot camera is able to withstand water as deep as 43 feet, temperatures as cold as 14 degrees, and environments as inhospitable as the sand-swept Sahara. It’s also great for video, even underwater, where most cameras falter. Having this, you’ll have an amazing memory to look back on that would have otherwise been confined to your eyes and never shared with the world.

3. Kindle Paperwhite

kindle paper white

Smaller and lighter than a single paperback, yet able to hold thousands of books, the Kindle is particularly appealing for travelers looking to reduce the amount of weight they carry. With an adjustable inbuilt light, it’s most useful for travelers. Ideal for reading in dark environments such as shared accommodation or overnight bus and plane rides, the light is a reason to choose Paperwhite, apart from other distinguishing features. Anyone who likes to read on the road should consider it an essential companion. That’s because you can take a veritable library with you.

4. FitBit Charge HR

This jacked-up fitness tracker shows your heart rate by monitoring it continuously, lets you see how many calories you’ve burned by estimating your daily activities and workouts, and monitors your sleep—with far better accuracy than current smart watches, thereby, heading the fitness tracker table as a good indicator of your overall health.

5. Macbook Air

MacBook Air

A perfect companion for the travelling executive and a thin masterpiece of industrial design, this machine favors elegance over practicality. With a full-size keyboard and backlit, this would easily fit in the briefcase. Also, with a built-in camera and mike, it doubles as a videophone for conducting face-to-face meetings without the jetlag – a perfect partner to keep your work going while travelling.

6. Mophie Powerstation Plus Charger 20

The Mophie’s tiny aluminum body—roughly the size of a business-card holder—has built-in Lightning or micro USB ports that can power multiple gadgets at up to four times the speed of a standard charger, thereby, keeping your devices on the go.

7. Plantronics BackBeat PRO Headphones

plantronics backbeat PRO headphone

A cordless headset designed for mobile users, BackBeat PRO supplies big volume, clear sound separation, and active noise cancellation for 24 hours on a single charge. This headphone has some good travel-friendly features to soothe your nerves and make your journey enjoyable.

8. Huawei E3276

One of the most popular 4G LTE dongles, E3276 comes with an expandable storage slot for a Micro SD card and external antenna support. A portable wi-fi for smartphones and laptops, carrying this gadget while travelling lets you have an internet access anywhere and everywhere around the world.

Whether your travels take you to a tropical beach, a bustling city, or a tranquil village, you will gain more from your travel experience if you have these gadgets at hand. So, go for them.