Gamescom, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom , trailer
Monster Boy debuted at the Gamescom. Image credit: Console & Board.

FDG Entertainment and Game Atelier revealed the first official trailer for “Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom” at Gamescom.

The game stars Monster Boy, a hero that must restore balance to the world by fighting numerous enemies with his unique transforming abilities.

The side-scrolling action adventure features hidden passages, challenging bosses, and plenty of powerful equipment to aid the protagonist to finish an epic quest. Although the developers have not made any release statements, “Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom” will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, according to an FDG press release.

Monster boy was meant to be Sega’s Wonder Boy

FDG and Game Atelier first announced the title in January 2015 under the name “Monster Boy and The Wizard of Booze.” The side-scroller takes inspiration from the Sega classic, Wonder Boy, a series of video games developed by Westone Bit Entertainment that was very popular in the 80’s and 90’s.

Ryuichi Nishizawa co-founder of Westone Bit and the leading developer of Wonder Boy will be part of the team working on the new game.

The name of the side-scroller originated when FDG started to design the mechanics for an unrelated game called Flying Hamster II and soon decided to transform this project into a Wonder Boy sequel.

However, a legal feud between the developer and Sega took place, as the Japanese company owns the rights to “Wonder Boy” and its extended series “Monster World”, forcing FDG to come up with the final “Monster Boy” name.

Monster Boy Game
Monster Boy has 5 different transformations.

The game features character transformations, each one with unique skills

Monster Boy’s objective is to remove a powerful curse from the world, according to the clip’s description. The rest of the story remains a mystery, though the trailer reveals some information about the game’s mechanics.

Players will command the protagonist while battling his way across interesting scenarios and foes. The primary abilities feature six different character transformations such as a fireball-breathing snake, a knight-frog that uses his tongue to return projectiles from the enemies, a lizard that fights with a spear, and a lion that wields a sword and can shake the ground.

The side-scroller’s design emanates nostalgia

The trailer also displays some of the bosses that Monster Boy will encounter, like a giant squid and an evil mushroom. With its HD artful sprites and smooth music, the side-scroller seeks to take the players into a more retro atmosphere, focusing on fun, fast-paced mechanics that remind of old school classics.

Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom’s release is yet to be determined, for now, the title will be playable on the Xbox Booth at Gamescom. The world’s largest video game fair is being held in Cologne, Germany, and will end on Sunday.

Source: FDG