Battlefield 1, Open Beta, Gamescom trailer
A new Battlefield 1 trailer was revealed at the Gamescom. Image from YouTube.

Earlier this Monday, August 15, developers EA and DICE unveiled a new gameplay trailer of the upcoming “Battlefield 1.” In addition, they announced the open beta of the game for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC would launch on August 31.

The announcement follows several video updates posted on the game’s official YouTube channel, showcasing detailed views of the new additions to the game including weapons and vehicles.

Prior to its official reveal during the E3 earlier this year in May, most details of the game had already been leaked. However, this did not stop “Battlefield 1” from becoming one of the most expected games in recent date.

Battle Field 1 is already breaking records in YouTube 

The official teaser is one of the most watched trailers in YouTube’s history with nearly 45 million views, and the most liked ever with almost 2 million likes. The new trailer raises the hype up to eleven, showing a new map based on the Sinai Desert in which horses, planes, trains, and tanks all clash in the wasteland battlefield.

Hints of “Battlefield 1” first appeared back in January, when the leading developer, EA, first announced the also highly expected “Titanfall 2” and “Mass Effect: Andromeda.”

The co-developer studio DICE (Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment) is an EA subsidiary that merged with the video game giant back in 2006, and it is responsible for titles like “Mirror’s Edge” and the acclaimed “Star Wars: Battlefront.”

The new Gamescom trailer shows the new vehicles and classes 

The fourteenth title in the “Battlefield” Saga takes players all the way back to World War I, an unlikely bet yet a bold choice from the developers and an exciting new setting. The game stands in stark contrast to its main contender, the massively popular “Call of Duty” and its latest title set in the future: “Advanced Warfare.”

“Battlefield 1” brings back all the game mechanics from previous games in an enhanced, expanded world that will include the Desert, as mentioned above, as well as Italy and France battlefield locations. Fights will take place in all three terrains: land, air, and sea.

For this to happen, EA and DICE will introduce an expanded fleet of vehicles and weapons, improving the melee combat mechanics as well with a wider array of potential weapons.

Players can sign up for the new beta by enlisting at the “Battlefield Insider” site for the chance to test early the Conquest and Rush game modes. Testers will also try the new classes including the Sentry, Tank Hunter, and Flame Trooper soldier. The company will take the opportunity to test the horse riding battles mechanics as well as other vehicles in the Sinai Desert map.

The open beta for “Battlefield 1” goes live on August 31, while the full game launches on October 21 in all platforms.

Source: Battlefield | News