iPhone 8 speculation December 2016
iPhone 8 gossip December 2016

Apple is already working on the successor to its formidable iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus), with rumors already surfacing about the phone’s complete redesign that will most likely include, among other things, an OLED curved design manufactured by LG.

The iPhone 7 came out officially at Apple’s September 7 event earlier this year, featuring advancements in build, internal design, and camera performance.

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode, and it is simply a variation from the conventional LED. Instead of being placed in a plastic bulb or screen, engineers can put OLEDs into flexible plastic compounds to create curved displays.

What we know about the iPhone 8 so far

The new foldable display will be edge-to-edge, which means it will most likely cover the entirety of the front side without any noticeable border. This new screen could be a very significant leap in iPhone design, one that many users might not appreciate at first glance.

To complete the new aesthetic, the iPhone 8 could feature an entire glass body and come in three standard versions, one of them being OLED, the others standard flatscreen.

A faster A11 processor is also a huge possibility, along with the selfie camera and fingerprint sensor integrated right into the display, waving bye-bye to the Home button.

The iPhone turns 10 in 2017, so Apple might celebrate with a premium glass iPhone 8

Along the rumors that are currently surfacing the web, there is one that says the company is testing more than ten prototype models for the iPhone 8.

The glass body is important for two reasons. The first one is the OLED display without bezels, an entire screen, something that would look like a mini 4K TV. The second is wireless charging, a feature that works better if there’s no aluminum in the casing.

Apple has already signed a contract with Samsung to produce OLED displays manufactured by LG, and other sources confirm the company is in the process of hiring some engineers with expertise in glass technologies.

There is a possibility that Apple might sell either three glass models with a premium variant or two conventional metal models with one premium glass option.

Rumors also point out to new biometrics, such as an iris scanner and a brand new taptic engine to improve touchscreen performance, much needed for an edge-to-edge device.

The iPhone 8 will most likely get a release date close to September 2017.

Source: Macrumors