The curved-screen model shown above is an artist's depiction of what next-generation smartphones could look like. Image Source: Business Insider

A recent leak points out the upcoming 2017 iPhones will arrive in three models: an OLED screen version, and two TFT-LCD display models with a 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch display. The OLED and the 5.5-inch forthcoming models will pack dual cameras as well.

The information comes from KGI Securities researcher Ming-Chi Kuo, the world’s leading analyst on Apple Inc. (NASDAQ;AAPL). MacRumors obtained its research paper, explaining how Apple’s plans for 2017 will be just the beginning of the iPhone revamp.

Kuo has already leaked information about the release of the iPhone 7, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone SE, nailing every prediction so far. Recently, he pointed out that Apple will scratch its budget friendly 2017 iPhone SE in favor of their expensive smartphones.

Apple is set to unveil two flagship iPhone models next year, as it has been the case since the iPhone 6 series premiered in 2014. Image Source: Forbes
Apple is set to unveil two flagship iPhone models next year, as it has been the case since the iPhone 6 series premiered in 2014. Image Source: Forbes

The complete overhaul of the iPhone

Kuo explains the OLED iPhone model will be a premium 5.8-inches phablet. Barclay’s analysts add it will be curved, bezel-free and will glass casing. More so, Japanese website Nikkei reported that the premium iPhone would have an edge-to-edge display.

If the predictions are right, it means good and bad news for customers. The good news is that Apple will finally embrace OLED screens. The technology is lighter, thinner and less battery-hungry than the IPS LCD panels iPhones currently pack.

OLED screens also have an overall better image quality because they have a higher contrast ratio than its counterpart. It would be a notable step up for Apple’s iPhone. Although, more than a step up, it would be a catch-up. For the past couple of years most medium-budget and premium Android devices have been packing OLED screens.

iPhone Dark Mode-Apple event-rumors
Apple will reportedly release the iPhone 7 Dark Mode. Image credit: Cult of Mac.

Stepping up the premium prices

So, the bad news is that Apple will continue to sideline its most affordable 4.7-inch model, while the “iPhone 8” and the “iPhone 8 Plus” with OLED screens will have even higher prices, especially in light of the significant price bump of the 2016’s MacBook Pro lineup.

It is not a far-fetched idea. Before the introduction of the Plus versions, a $650 payment got customers the best iPhone specs. Now a $650 iPhone 7 has worse display and camera, and shorter RAM and battery life compared to its bigger iPhone 7 Plus brother.

Kuo states the starting price for the dual-cameras “iPhones 8” might be $850-900, while the popular 4.7-inch phone will arrive with a subpar screen and overall worse specs than the rest of the lineup.

It seems Apple will continue to step up its prices. Their non-budget iPhone 7 and 7 Plus proved to be a selling success, and so the company is prepared to find out how much they can raise the price bar until their customers start to get out of line.

Source: Mac Rumors