iOS 10.3 rumors
iOS 10.3 rumors. Image: Mobilezone.

New rumors point out to Apple releasing the beta version of iOS 10.3.1 in January, along with a mysterious feature called ‘Theater’ Mode. Further details are nowhere, but users speculate that it might have to do with improving the iPad user interface.

Known leaker AppleInsider has been quick to tell readers about this rumor, stating that it is “highly questionable.” However, discussions about the update already abound, with most users agreeing that it will be simply an enhanced way for them to enjoy movies and series.

‘Theater’ mode could also mean a particular setting to stop incoming calls and sounds while the user watches a movie or is attending another kind of entertainment scenario. The leak, as shown above, comes from Australian leaker Sonny Dickson.

What the ‘Theater’ mode might mean according to Apple users

Apple owns many patents for potential technologies that include automatic system settings modifications, which is something that the Theater mode could embody.

One of them even suggests a feature that changes the phone’s configuration according to GPS. However, the rumored Theater mode needs to be activated manually, according to Dickson’s leak.

Theater mode could also be just another way of saying ‘Dark Mode,’ in iOS but then again, it would feature a ‘popcorn-shaped’ icon, so its connection to movies and entertainment is more plausible than just a way of protecting a user’s eyes at night.

Online sources reached out to Dickson for comment, and he stated that ‘Theater’ might indeed be an enhanced version of Dark Mode. He also added that his source has proved legitimate in the past and that iOS 10.3’s codename is ‘Erie.’

iOS 10.3 will come sooner than users think to fix bugs

AppleInsider’s analytics recently showed a surge in devices running version 10.3 of the operative system, with the largest spike in visits happening this week.

The website considers this to be hard proof of an incoming update, which makes the January 10 release advertised by Sonny Dickson not so questionable.

Apple users expect the company to include much-needed fixes for battery problems currently plaguing 10.2 and 10.1. Users reported devices turning off independently while at 30% battery capacity.

Security should also receive an upgrade after recent issues with a fake vCard for the SMS iPhone app, which affected several users but came from a malicious third party.

On another setback for the Cupertino giant, a significant number of customers complained about camera problems on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. This issue is at the hardware level, but Apple did not tackle it upfront.

Source: AppleInsider