iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Specs, features, price & release date
The iPhone 7 PLUS' camera has a major bug. Image credit:_ CNET.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus users have been complaining about an issue with the device’s camera. A substantially extended Reddit thread appeared a week ago after posters started coming forward, and many other followed the lead.

A lo of people is reporting their iPhone 7 PLUS gets stuck in a black screen when they open the camera app. They are unable to take any photos, and sometimes, when they do take them, the resulting image has scrambled coloring.

Devices with this malfunction also send a message to the user, indicating the iPhone must undergo an emergency cooldown. Most affected users stated their phones were not overheating when the problem first appeared.

First news of the iPhone 7 issue arose earlier in September

Lots of people have returned their phones for repair at Apple’s Genius Bars and official stores, some of them have received entirely new handsets in exchange while others only a precise fix on the camera system.

Apple has not released any official statements or support disclaimers regarding this problem. The Cupertino company is infamous for sweeping this kind of mishaps under the rug, and customers are starting to get tired of it.

Reports of the issue also came before the latest iOS 10.2 update, which points to the problem being a hardware issue.

One Redditor said the problem was more prevalent when he used the Video Mode for a long time. They fixed the problem by swiping left to change to Photo Mode, closing the app from the Switcher, locking the phone, and accessing the camera from the lock screen.

iPhones seem to be experiencing issues with iOS 10.2 as well

Other users who recently updated to version 10.2 have reported problems with the battery meter. Details include the percentage randomly changing or stuck in a given number.

This problem also follows the iPhone’s battery bug issue that arose earlier this year. Handsets affected by this error suddenly turned off when their batteries hit 30%.

iOS 10.2, according to some users, has worsened this issue, which prompted many of them to downgrade to 10.1 or 10.1.1 manually to avoid this problem.

However, in a highly criticized move, the Cupertino giant has stopped signing off on these older versions a week ago, which means products like iTunes no longer recognize them.

This decision forces users to update to 10.2, which poses a significant risk of experiencing these battery issues that Apple has not acknowledged formally, as of yet.

Online sources have reported that Apple silently introduced a battery diagnostics tool inside 10.2, which did not appear in the official release notes. This instrument might signify a company effort to investigate and ultimately fix the problem.

Source: Value Walk