iPad mini 5 rumors

The iPad mini 4’s successor is the target of much speculation. The rumor has it the new gadget will change the brand’s name to “iPad Pro Mini,” and many experts and fans think it will release in March 2017. 

Apple fans were expecting the iPad Mini 5 to release in September, one year after the iPad Mini 4 released in 2016.

When the company announced its launching event on September 7, people were expecting to get news on the upcoming iPad Mini. However, that was not the case.

The company hosted a second launching event in October called “Hello Again,” but the company did not mention anything about the tablet.

Even the famous leakster, Evan Blass, thought the new iPad Mini 5 was going to launch in October.

When Apple announces the mini 5, there is a possibility the iPad Pro 2 will also come during the same period. The company could rename the ‘mini 5’ to the ‘Pro mini,’ to market it as a smaller, cheaper, entry-level version of the new professional tablet.

iPad Mini 5 rumored specs and price

Rumors point out to the mini 5 having a thinner build measuring 5mm but made of 7000 series aluminum to prevent bending and breaking. The mini 5 will come with either an A9 or A10 processor and most likely get 3GB of RAM.

An M9 GPU would mean an even greater improvement in graphics and performance. The M9 motion coprocessor is what allows Apple devices to handle various motion functions such as gyroscopes, compasses, and related sensor data.

The new iPad Mini would feature a smart connector with the same camera the 4th version has. Also, it would have 32 GB of storage memory which makes sense since Apple is getting rid of the 16GB gadget tier.

iPad mini 5 gossip.
iPad mini 5 rumored release date. Image: YouTube.

A possible price would then sit around the $470 mark for the base model, with a possible $100 raise for variants with larger internal memory.

What’s the best iPad on sale right now?

Since a new iPad model is yet to make an official appearance anywhere on the Apple marketing sphere, a good choice for newcomers or Apple fans eager to get their hands on an iPad would be the Pro 9.7 version.

The tablet has received mostly favorable reviews from tech sites, praising its functionality, fast performance, high-quality speakers, and design. Its A9X processor and 2GB of RAM give it all the power you need in a big (yet light) build meant for all kinds of use.

The only downside, most reviewers note, would be its steep starting price, currently at $599 for a 32GB model.

Source: MacWorld