HTC Freestyle layout offers its users with multiple set of funny and wacky designs. Image Source: Phone Arena

The HTC Freestyle layout themes are one of the highlighted new aspects of the manufacturer´s smartphones. It enables a virtually complete home screen customization that includes hiding app labels and changing the access to any software installed on the sense 8 UI by assigning theme-related stickers that serve as shortcuts to the apps.

The new layout can change Android´s icon grid

The Freestyle design is a Sense 8 UI software feature that lets the user get rid of the classic Android icon grid and gives the option to customize it with a series of themes that differentiate from other stock skins by offering stickers related to the topic chosen.

These labels act as launchers and can me moved anywhere, replacing the default icons and its disposition on the home screen. The inspiration for the layout was drawn from numerous reports about the creative benefits of a messy desk, said team behind the design of the HTC´s new visual option. The team emphasizes in the unique processes that help individuals to work more efficiently.

The team also stated in the interview that their goal was not about focusing only on aesthetic values, but to take back what ultimately should belong to the user, referring to the logic and decisions made to craft a customization experience.

Home screen customization with easy steps

The Freestyle layout is easy to use, but it may require some explanation if the user is not familiar with HTC smartphones. Here are the basic steps:

Press and hold the home screen to launch the customization menu. Select the “change home screen layout” and tap on “Freestyle Layout”. The list will lead to the HTC themes app where there are a variety of Freestyle designs to choose.

Pick any theme to start its download and application. The theme chosen will not show any icons or app drawer, instead, check for the stickers that appear on the home screen. The phone will automatically assign a label to the most used apps, but this is also changeable by pressing the home screen again to unfold the customization options where “edit theme” or “add a new sticker” will be found.

Managing the new stickers

When adding or editing a label, a menu will require the user to choose the app that will be re-assign or included on the home screen. A gallery containing the theme´s stickers will pop out next, just a simple pick and it´s a done deal.

The Freestyle layout theme feature is available on the HTC 10, as well as any HTC smartphone that runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and above.

Source: HTC Blog