Hackers Release Jailbreak That Unlocks Every iPhone, Including Those on Latest iOS 13.5

A team of hackers has found a tool that enables iPhone smartphone users to unlock any iPhone device with iOS 11 to the latest 13.5. Known as Unc0ver, the hackers released the jailbreak tool which enables iPhone model users to customize their iPhones like most Android users would do.

The fact is that Apple made it impossible for iPhone users to customize or personalize it the way Android users normally do, and activists think Apple has put its iPhone users in jail, and any tool created to unlock iPhone models is known as jailbreaking. Hackers are able to jailbreak on iPhone smartphones by searching out vulnerabilities that give them access to the model’s core software.

The hackers did not release details of the exact vulnerabilities they exploited to create the jailbreak, but it is expected that Apple will swing into swift action to patch the flaws Unc0ver exploited and render the jailbreak tool useless in the next few days. Meanwhile, security experts warn iPhone users to not use the jailbreak tool because getting outside Apple’s restrictions will further open up the users to more vulnerabilities.

Unc0ver’s lead developer, Pwn20wnd, said the jailbreak tool preserves the integrity of iOS’s sandbox security and does not compromise data protection set by the iPhone user.

“This jailbreak basically just adds exceptions to the existing rules,” Pwn20wnd said. “It only enables reading new jailbreak files and parts of the filesystem that contain no user data. Having a full-fledged jailbreak makes future security research easier.”

Some jailbreak supporters have however expressed joy with the latest tool, saying it shows that Apple can be toyed with if anyone really sets their mind to it. And then it also provides a basis for further research on making the iPhone series more secure. Several iOS jailbreakers said the latest jailbreak is an accomplishment and commend Pwn20wnd for his efforts.

“I am just personally excited to see a no-bullshit jailbreak dropped for the latest iOS,” says Will Strafach, a longtime iOS jailbreaker, and creator of the Guardian Firewall app for iOS. “It’s very in line with the early jailbreak spirit. It is a great accomplishment. Pwn20wnd was able to find his own vulnerability in iOS and use it to make another jailbreak.”

Source: wired.com