Apple to Launch Software Update to Enable iPhone Users Use FaceID with Face Masks

Apple Inc. will soon launch a software update that will enable millions of iPhone users to unlock their smartphones with FaceID while wearing face masks. The new iOS 13.5 beta 3 code update became necessary because iPhone users are not able to access their phones for use when wearing face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But with the scheduled launch of the update, the problem will become history.

The new iOS 13.5 update will pull up the passcode screen so that the masked iPhone user can access FaceID for password input. While the FaceID will not automatically unlock the phone with the new software update, the phone will instantly pull up the tool so that the user can input his security code for instant phone use without the need to wait for minutes while the phone does face-searching.

The scheduled update is not the only new feature to expect from Apple in the coming weeks; the company also plans to release a COVID-19 contact-tracing app developed in collaboration with Google Inc. so that coronavirus patients can be detected easily on the streets using Bluetooth technology. The contact-tracing app will be launched on iOS and Android systems, and it will feature public health apps at the initial launch until a more robust platform is built for it.

When both releases will be launched remains unknown, but technology analysts said it could be before the end of this month. Both Apple and Google said the contact-tracing technology will be disabled when coronavirus is defeated all over the world, but until then it will launch first in the US and then other parts of the globe.