Apple’s iPhone XR and iPhone 11 Emerge Highest-Selling Smartphones in 2019, with Samsung A-Series Coming After

Technology research firms Counterpoint Research and Omdia have released the list of the highest-selling smartphones in 2019. Apple’s iPhone XR and 11-series top the list with Samsung’s A-series coming up behind. Apple smartphones ranging from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11 Pro Max made the highest sales in North America and Europe, while Samsung’s Galaxy A50 among other A-series was the best-selling smartphone in Europe last year.

Here is the data Omdia generated for the top 10 selling smartphones in the world for 2019:

  1.     Apple’s iPhone XR – 46.3 million units sold
  2.     Apple’s iPhone 11 – 37.3 million units sold
  3.     Samsung’s Galaxy A10 – 30.3 million units sold
  4.     Samsung’s Galaxy A50 – 24.2 million units sold
  5.     Samsung’s Galaxy A20 – 19.2 million units sold
  6.     Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max – 17.6 million units sold
  7.     Apple’s iPhone 8 – 17.4 million units sold
  8.     Xiami’s Redmi Note 7 – 16.4 million units sold
  9.     Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro – 15.5 million units sold
  10. Samsung’s Galaxy J2 Core – 15.2 million units sold

Tech analysts disclose that it is not too surprising that Apple’s two flagship smartphones occupied the top slots for the top five selling phones in both North America and Europe because the premium phone manufacturer controls 50% of the US market. Apple’s phones also got the top slots for the top 10 selling smartphones in the world.

While Samsung got the top marks for the European market, Oppo led the pack for the topmost spot in the Chinese market. Huawei according to Counterpoint Research, made it to the top 10 smartphones selling fast in the world, even though it is on the fifth list in China and coming after Oppo and Vivo. Omdia, however, thinks differently about this particular research figure from Counterpoint.

Yet, both researchers agree that Huawei is the second most selling smartphone in the world in 2019 after Samsung and ahead of Apple.

The top-selling iPhone smartphones cost from $500 to $850 while Samsung A50 costs around $250. However, it is obvious that smartphone buyers are willing to balance unit price with tech performance when considering any premium smartphones. iPhone 11 Pro Max’s worldwide sales are therefore impressive considering that it hit the market in September 2019. To this end, other manufacturers such as Motorola and OnePlus among others are targeting value buyers with flagship smartphones hitting the consumer market.