OnHub brings people a minimalistic and simply designed Wi-Fi router. Image Source: Google

Google’s new WiFi router, called Google WiFi, is expected to be released at the upcoming event for the new Pixel phones, which could include the release of Google’s Daydream VR Headset, Google Home, and 4K Chromecast Ultra.

An exclusive article from Android Police states that a reliable source has tipped them off with news of the new gadget’s release, which will reportedly cost around $130.

Google’s new router comes with a perk that separates it from the OnHub (Google’s previous WiFi router). Apparently, the new router will allow for multiple Google WiFi access points to connect, forming a single, and larger, wireless network with a broader scope.

The article admits a high degree of certainty on these rumors, arguing that Google WiFi could be released as a sort of wireless companion for Google Home.

Google's OnHub Wi-Fi Router comes with built-in adaptability for all google devices. Image Source: Mashable
Google’s OnHub Wi-Fi Router comes with built-in adaptability for all Google devices. Image Source: Mashable

Google Home is a voice-activated home assistant that was formally announced in May of this year. Its features will be accessed through a WiFi connected speaker for the user to interact with through the house. Initial commands will reportedly allow us to access music, video, task reminders, among others.

A closer look at Google WiFi

Another article by Droid Life states that Google WiFi will “be very much like Eero or Luma, two WiFi router products that expand in a house to help it cover every corner so that you don’t have any weak spots.”

Eero is a WiFi router system comprised of three WiFi emitting devices that interconnect each other to cover large houses entirely. It also allows the user to keep track of who’s connected, which Eero stations are working and other features through a mobile app. Luma is its competitor, a less expensive alternative also comprised by three WiFi emitters.

The article says that Google’s efforts are focused on advertising Google WiFi as a “mesh technology” working with “modular” bases. Its main similarity with the routers previously released could be a significant factor for the WiFi router’s multiple access points.

Many of these technologies were already covered by Google’s OnHub, which also comes with an app that works as the user interface for router configuration. The article says this app will probably be also used for Google WiFi, and that other router features will include Bluetooth, AC1200 speeds, 802.15.4 radios and two ports (for each device).

Source: Android Police