Info on Google's Pixel phones and Daydream VR
Google will launch new Pixel Phones and Daydream VR in October. Image credit: Benzinga.

Google's Pixel phones could replace the Nexus series in 2016

U.S. – Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) hinted to ditch their Nexus handsets for their Pixel brand. It would mean the upcoming Marlin and Sailfish will have new names: Pixel and Pixel XL.

Android Central was the first to say Google would drop the Nexus name. Previous Pixel devices belong in the high-end catalog: Chromebook Pixel 1 and 2, flagship laptops for Chrome OS, both with high prices and premium quality.

It is unclear whether the pricing will stick around the traditional Nexus-budget level. Recently, Google discontinued the Pixel 2 without a replacement but said the brand would continue. The laptop had a price tag of $999 (with i5 and 8GB RAM) or $1299 (with i7 and 16GB RAM)

Google might add two smartphones to its Pixel family of gadgets
Google might add two smartphones to its Pixel family of gadgets, Image credit: Android Help.

All three Pixel devices – including the Android-base Pixel C tablet – are designed by Google, while HTC is in charge of Sailfish and Marlin.

The HTC-build Google phones may include another Android OS upgrade, possibly to version Nougat 7.1, along with the improved Google Assistant.

Google is going to launch its Daydream headset on its massive event on October 4th

The company will not only reveal its Pixel new gadgets but their recent initiatives in television, virtual reality, and smart home. The tech giant already unveiled Google Home as a competitor to Amazon Echo, along with Daydream VR.

The Daydream headset will launch in October and become one of the cheapest ways to live the VR world in the market, but users will need an Android phone to make it work. There is no official price, but the rumor has it Google is cooking a budget VR set.

The equipment will come with Bluetooth and a controller- Daydream Home screen will also have a version of Google Play for VR apps.

A teaser screen shows several apps already available on the store: Need for Speed: No Limits, the famous racing game, EVE: Gunjack, a space shooter, HBO Now, and other apps like YouTube. Google Maps and Pictures are among the selection.

Google has been working alongside YouTube “stars” to create VR content.

Google Daydream VR is an entire platform for high-quality content

Daydream is not a single product, it is a platform for high-quality virtual reality content for Android smartphones, albeit initially, it will only be able on flagship phones.

Daydream may only work on devices that have octa-core processors, with 4GB RAM and Android Nougat. That is why Nougat will come with a new VR mode to better sustain this kind of apps.

Google told developers to start testing apps with the Nexus 6P. Later, there will be Daydream-ready smartphones that won’t overheat and throttle its performance over time like the Nexus 6P will. These devices will come with a “Daydream-Ready” logo that assures the phone exceeds or meets minimum specs.

Companies building Daydream Ready phones include LG, Huawei, HTC, Alcatel, ZTE and Asus. So far, two phones will come with the badge in 2017: ZTE Axon 7 and Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe.

Source: PC Advisor