Google Wifi Review
Google Wifi . Image from YouTube.

On Monday, Google published the results of a study on mesh router performance conducted by Allion USA. The study pitted Google’s WiFi against products from Eero and Luma.

Roshan Baliga, a Product Manager at Google, outlined the outcomes of the trials on a blog post titled ‘Putting Google WiFi to the test.’

The tech giant’s router outperformed its contenders in speed at all locations, delivering broadband as much as five times faster than that provided by Eero or Luma.

The results of the study greatly favor Google, who presented the Google WiFi along with its new product lineup Made by Google back in October. The superfast router is now available for preorder, and it will start shipping on December 5.

How does Google WiFi compare to Eero and Luma routers?

Google asked Allion USA to act as a third party tester to prove how well the Google WiFi stood against its competition.

The ground rules for the study were simple: one 3,000 square ft home, two stories, and four test locations. Allion hooked up the routers from Google, Eero, and Luma to a single wired point, and then tried out connections in three different rooms of the house.

The results were more than conclusive, starting at the wired point itself. Google managed to outperform its competitors by a full 100 Mbps in the case of Luma, and by nearly 50 Mbps in contrast to Eero.

On the first room, located in the same upper story as the wired point, Wi-Fi signals from Google WiFi exceeded those of Eero five times over, standing at 228 Mbps against only 42. Luma, on the other hand, delivered speeds in the low 200s.

On the ground floor, Google WiFi more than doubles the rate of Luma in the living room, and it is 75% faster than Eero. Furthermore, Google WiFi is thrice as fast as Luma in the downstairs bedroom, and it tops Eero with a 30 Mbps advantage.

Eero, Luma, and Google routers Black Friday promotions

Amazon and each of the companies’ official stores will have discount deals on their mesh routers, except for the already record-low priced Google WiFi.

Eero will sell its 3-pack router set for $399 this holiday season when it usually goes for $499 at full price. Similarly, its 2-pack and 1-pack routers will also receive a $50 discount, available for $299 and $149 respectively.

Luma, on the other hand, will also take $100 off its 3-pack product, going for $299 during the discount holiday. Its 1-pack alternative will remain the same at $149 from official retailers.

Pre-order Google WiFi on the company's official site. Image: Google.
Pre-order Google WiFi on the company’s official site. Image: Google.

Lastly, Google’s WiFi remains the most affordable option out of the three, and it is not even out yet. The 3-pack from Google goes for $299 at full price, and a single router costs $129.

The company has the mesh routers available for preorder now, and they will ship on December 5.

Source: Google