google-wifi-review. Image credit: Tech Net.

Google wants users to live in a truly Connected Home with its new Google Wifi. The upcoming router by Google costs $129, and it can expand its signal coverage by adding more devices. Homeowners can control their Google Wifi network through a mobile app.

The company based in Mountain View revealed the home connectivity device earlier this Tuesday at its official 10/4 hardware event. Google also presented the equally priced Google Home assistant, the 4K Chromecast Ultra, and its two new flagship phones: the Pixel and Pixel XL.

Google’s fall event had some notable absences, though. People expected the tech giant to reveal a new tablet and laptop, also part of the new Made by Google movement. Moreover, the much-awaited Andromeda OS did not make an appearance at the San Francisco show either.

People are concerned about Google’s new Router

Although some may argue the opposite, Google does have one defining quality, and that is making things simple. The new Google Wifi stays faithful to this principle, featuring a seamless connectivity solution in a minimalistic white puck.

Regarding design, the company sticks to white plastic in the form of a circle with a silver stripe in the middle. The Google Wifi also features the sober ‘G’ for Google logo in gray.

There are no antennas on the router nor buttons, or at least not visible. Setups of the modular router show the device hooked up and working through a single-cable connection.

Both of these aspects have raised concerns over real troubleshooting options for the gadget, as well as connectivity support for current standards. Is there a built-in reset button? Was the device shown just a secondary one with a power output? If not, then where do users connect all of the cables? Google has not made any comments to answer these questions.

Google Wifi price and release date

The company claims that setting up Google Wifi is as easy as hooking it up to the home network and letting it do the rest.

Google Wifi comes with a Smart Network Assist technology that allows the routers to optimize internet signals, speed, and more in a seamless way without people’s intervention.

Moreover, users can take control over their Wifi network if they wish to do so by accessing the official companion app available for iOS and Android. The Wifi app lets homeowners track how many routers are active at the moment, turn them off, and even disable select devices connected to the network.

Google Wifi will be available for pre-order in November, and it will ship in December in the U.S. Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and the Google Store will sell the routers for $129, or $299 as a three-device bundle option for larger homes.

Source: Google