Google Home Black Friday deal at Best Buy. Image: TheUSBPort.

Thanks to the Internet of Things, the scope of Black Friday deals is also moving towards the home improvement market with companies like Amazon, who introduced a particular deal for its home assistant, Amazon Echo.

Another prominent contender on the competitive side of this market is Google Home, which rivals the Amazon Echo in features and connectivity. BestBuy is offering a deal on the assistant, allowing customers to get it for as little as $99.

The voice-activated companion lets users stream music, get Google results, handle indoor technologies, and manage many everyday tasks, among other things. It came out officially this month at a starting price of $129.

Where to get Google Home’s Black Friday deal? 

The Google Home assistant is much cheaper than the Amazon alternative, costing up to $50 less but still being able to perform most of the functions the Echo can, albeit with less interactive qualities.

The BestBuy deal will go from Thursday, November 24, to Saturday, November 26, and it will include a six-month subscription to YouTube Red and Google Play Music, which recently obtained a much-expected upgrade.

BestBuy also noted the deal is not exclusive to in-store purchases, which means that interested buyers can snag them online as well. The digital store will reflect the price change sometime around 5:00 p.m. (ET) on Thanksgiving.

Walmart is not offering any Google Home deals or promotions at this time. Neither are the other major retailers, whose ads are all out already for customers to look at before Black Friday comes.

Google Home comes with some perks that make it a reliable option

The downside of purchasing a Home assistant made by Google is that it does not feature a responsive, personified artificial intelligence companion, like the Echo’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri.

Google Home works with a preloaded set of voice responses called Google Assistant, a feature that has been on Android phones for some time now.

The device has been praised, however, for its seamless sound integration when playing music. Google Home can connect with other Home’s around the house (if customers get more than one) to create a sort of surround sound for music streaming.

The most convenient perk it has might be its ability to connect with the Chromecast family of devices, giving users easier access to their media center.

Source: The Verge