Google Doodle, Welcome to the Magic Cat Academy
Google Doodle, Welcome to the Magic Cat Academy. Image credit: Statesman.

October 31 was full of amazing Halloween reactions, and Google celebrated accordingly with a new playable doodle. The Magic Cat Academy doodle is a small and addictive game, just perfect to relive the Halloween season.

Other Internet giants have also introduced thematic features to their platforms to celebrate Halloween. Facebook recently launched a new set of Masks for its Live broadcasts and Halloween Reactions with scary icons for the festivities.

The latest Google doodle shows the company remains a place that encourages creativity above all.

Further proof of this is Google’s recent exploration of style transfer in social media filters and the introduction of Tango as a perspective-changing AR platform within the Android ecosystem.

What’s the story behind google’s Magic Cat Academy?

Google’s Halloween doodle is the result of a large team effort and months of hard work. The crew responsible for Magic Cat Academy got inspiration from last year’s Halloween doodle, a race between four witches to collect the most candy called the Global Candy Cup 2015.

Some of the members of last year’s core team worked in Magic Cat Academy, including the producer Ryan Germick and the engineer Kris Hom. The star of the show, however, is Momo.

Momo is a real-life black cat that belongs to Juliana Chen, one of the doodlers involved in this year’s doodle. Momo served as the model for the main character in the mini game.

Magic Cat Academy places a wizard version of Momo at the academy, where a ghost suddenly appears and steals her spells book. The Ghost unleashes spooky spirits all over the Academy, and it is Momo’s job to restore peace and recover the book.

How to play Magic Cat Academy on the Google doodle

The latest doodle by Google starts by setting up the situation and providing an intuitive tutorial of the game’s controls. Players have to trace the same signs shown above ghosts with the mouse pointer to eliminate them as they appear in the room.

Momo replicates the gestures with a magic wand a la Harry Potter, including vertical and horizontal lines, a V and inverted V, and a lightning bolt. Players of Magic Cat Academy will also get the chance to recover lives by drawing a heart every once in a while.

Players of Magic Cat Academy will also get the opportunity to recover lives by drawing a heart every once in a while.

The game spans over five different levels in different rooms of the Academy. Each level has a boss at the end, and the draw gesture sequences get increasingly difficult as the player advances.

Even if Halloween is over, those who want to play the game for fun can still do so at Google’s Doodle archive. It stores all of Google’s doodles regardless the date.

Source: Google