Phab 2 Pro includes Lenovo's trademark Assertive Display, which allows the phone's screen to adjust to different real-world lighting conditions. Image Source: Lenovo

The launch of Google‘s widely expected Pixel Phones recently unveiled will be accompanied by the development of the company’s Tango platform. The technology makes its first appearance on Lenovo’s latest Phab 2 Pro phone, which will also come officially in November of this year.

Google’s Tango technology allows the phone to perform certain augmented reality tasks. It allows the user to ‘see’ things through their phone’s camera, for example, items overlaid in the world for them to experience how it would look like if they were there.

The term ‘augmented reality’ has recently gained recognition because of apps like Pokémon GO, which allow users to catch Pokémon ‘in the real world,’ by finding them with their phones. This app uses a regular camera’s face recognition technology, however, to place an image that does not fit into the real world.

The app’s technology is unable to correctly place virtual elements (according to their size and movement) for them to blend with the real background captured by the phone’s camera, so they don’t seem ‘real.’ Google’s Tango platform is looking forward to making this possible.

Phab 2 Pro with Tango: features, specs, and price

From measuring objects with the phone to seeing how a piece of furniture would look in your living room, Tango turns the Phab 2 Pro into a one-of-a-kind device. The sizeable phone measures 6.4 inches itself.

Specs include Lenovo’s trademark Assertive Display, which allows the phone’s screen to adjust to different real-world lighting conditions. Its 8.9mm unibody is made entirely of aluminum, and it will come in Champagne Gold and Gunmetal Grey, with a very slick but resistant finish.

The phone has a set of 3 cameras that allow it to process 3D images. It will also have a 16MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. Noise-cancelling technology, along with Dolby Atmos 5.1 Audio Capture and three embedded microphones. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor, explicitly built for Tango and 64GB of storage, along with 4GB of RAM.

It has a fingerprint scanner on the back, 2.5D curved glass, and a 4050mAh battery with 2.4x ‘turbo charging’, no further details are explained as to what these features mean.

Many important technology events have already featured the phone. Users can review them at its official website. There is no pre-order available, but the starting price is at $499, as noted on the page. Users can register on Lenovo’s website to learn of the phone’s release via email.

Source: Lenovo