Google Daydream VR review
Google Daydream VR review. Image credit: Polygon.

U.S. – Google Inc. (NASDAQ: a wideGOOGL) introduced its virtual reality headset for Android devices. It is called Daydream VR, and it costs $79. The gear will be available in November for many new phones bearing the “Daydream Ready” label, including the Pixel phones.

Daydream packs a “good enough” controller and VR headset in a box – Daydream View. It has a full array of features that will distinguish the gear from its competitors, namely the Samsung Gear VR exclusive for Samsung phones.

It stands out that, instead of plastic or cardboard, the Daydream View is made of thermo-bonded cloth material that is light and soft but also sturdy enough to block out light.  It comes in colors “slate,” “Snow,” and “Crimson.”

The gear weighs 318g without a phone, and weight is critical for every VR set. Light devices are comfortable, so the users can play longer before feeling tired.  On that regard, Google says its VR lenses are 30% lighter than other VR headsets.

Daydream View is soft, light and washable

The Daydream View is the lightest VR headset on the market. Its sides are firm but bendable, and the front panel folds to reveal a plastic interior. On the inside, the door hinge accommodates phones of different sizes and thicknesses, a great feature to use with phones cases.

The single strap on the back secures the gear like a pair of ski goggles to the face. There is a microfiber face mask attached with Velcro to the lenses, so users can remove the cover to hand-wash the fabric.

The headset has no electronics inside aside from a single NFC chip in the door.

Daydream features

The controller has a small circular trackpad with physical click action, side volume buttons, an action button, and a home button.  Additionally, it has a three-axis accelerometer that allows users to point the controller like a laser pointer.

The controller has a storage location on the headset with a small strap to secure it. It has a 220mAh battery that charges with a USB Type-C port.

The gear will ship with “VR Home,” a Play Store app for VR experiences.

Source: Google