Google presents the Jamboard, the whiteboard of the future
Google presents the Jamboard, the whiteboard of the future. Image credit: Impulso.

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is trying to rebuild the whiteboard.  The company introduced Jamboard on October 25, a massive touch display screen that aims to help business teams brainstorm together.

Jamboard is a collaboration screen where users can sketch, write, add notes, pull things from the web, and connect with other members of the team via video calls. It also comes with an accompanying cloud system to regularly update the workspace.

The Google Suite product is a 55-inch 4K display digital screen. It comes with wheels, and it features an easy plug and play design to take the workspace anywhere. People can collaborate on both the screen or via the accompanying app for iOS and Android.

How does the Jamboard work? 

Jamboard would be a direct competitor of Microsoft’s Surface Hub. It has a familiar interface whose output lives in Google Drive, instead of One Drive, and connects users with smartphones and tablets using the app.

Google built the product from scratch and has been testing it with some high-profile partners like Spotify and Netflix.

The system runs on a specialized version of Android that features a built-in browser, Google Docs, Google Maps and Google Drive. Likely, it can pull photos from Drive, and sheets and slides from docs.

All of the ideas and projects automatically store in Google Drive so users can easily share and come back to brainstorming sessions anytime.

The 55-inch screen comes along with a built-in HD camera, speakers and Wi-Fi to broadcast the workflow and connect with other members through Hangouts

Google designed the touchscreen for precision drawing. It recognizes when people use the stylus to sketch or the eraser to start over, and neither tool requires batteries.

Users can also wave their fingers to wipe off the work from the screen, just like a traditional whiteboard. Friendly animations bring routinely things like erasing to life, as users will watch the text fall off the display.

Jamboard price and release date

The Jamboard is available for private beta businesses using Google’s G Suite productivity service. They received an offer to try out the unit on Tuesday. Google expects to launch it in early 2017.

The tech giant is not revealing the final price yet but hints the hardware will cost no less than $6000 at release. It means a rollout of many Jamboards in the same organization would cost thousands of dollars.

Customers interested in getting the product early on can submit an application on Jamboard’s website.

Source: Google / Jamboard Official Website