Microsoft has just launched a brand new accessory for its flagship tablet, the Surface Pro 4, called Signature Type Cover.

Tablet-hybrid devices are one of the hottest mobile gadgets currently in the market, with both Apple and Microsoft serving a solid presence with their iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4, respectively.

Furthermore, tablet-hybrids often tag along with various accessories, and evidently users favor them a lot, as Microsoft, since it is too early to launch its fifth generation Surface Pro, decided to bring the current device back to the spotlight with the circulation of the aforementioned Signature Type Cover, which is made by Alcantara, a premium fabric that is often included in the seats of luxurious sports cars — i.e. Audi TT, Porsche Cayman, Mercedes SLK etc.

Surface Pro 4 docked on the SIgnature Type Cover.
Surface Pro 4 docked on the Signature Type Cover.

The particular companionship for your Surface Pro 4 will set you back $159.99, exclusively available to the Microsoft Store, which is $30 more than the regular Type Cover.

In a teaser video illustrating how the Signature Type Cover looks and works, Rachael Bell, a color and materials designer for Microsoft Devices, mentioned: “There’s an intersection there between technology, textiles, fashion and design. It’s the most premium experience we’ve ever been able to bring to a device.

From the video embed above, it is clear that the new cover does look phenomenally beautiful thanks to the incorporation of Alcantara, and will definitely elevate your daily use with the Surface Pro 4 to something a lot more stylish.

Though, on a less relevant note, it is worth noting that, at our times, $160 for an accessory isn’t quite budget-friendly orientated, so we assume that the Signature Type Cover aim toward the “deeper pockets” of the Microsoft fan base.

What do you think of the new Signature Type Cover? Are you planning on picking one up yourself? Let us know in the comments below.