Rip Cyanogen
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Cyanogen, the company that is best known for its CyanogenMod, will shut down its operations on December 31.

One of the biggest and most preferred Android alternatives, the CyanogenMod along with the nightly builds, will no longer be available in 2017.

The company made it official on its blog. However, not everything is lost as the company announced the source code and the open source project would remain operative for personal development only.

The move is part of Cyanogen new focus on producing Android OS “mods” for OEMs after they named a new CEO early this year and laid off a considerable portion of its staff.

This way, the company has finally decided to put an end to their move of trying to take Android from Google’s hands, as the company once aimed at.

What does the future look like for Cyanogen OS users?

As soon as the company posted the information on its blog, a series of rumors started to spread in the market. According to some people, LineageOS might continue working with what many Android users know as the CyanogenMod.

For all the people using Cyanogen OS, such as the CyanogenMod, there will not be big changes. It just means there are not going to be more updates or releases.

They now will depend entirely on the community developers. It is known that a huge number of developers have been working on the mods for a time now and they are expected to continue to do it.

If you own a device that works with Cyanogen OS, your best option is to try to find the CyanogenMod ROM. It is a non-commercial platform that will be 100% reliant on the community developers who want to continue building the mods personally.

What led to the failure of Cyanogen?

Many reasons lie behind the decision of Cyanogen to shut down its activities, but it is known that 2016 was not the best year for the company after a couple of rough months where they saw co-founder Steve Kondik leave, and the extensive series of layoffs they went through.

It has finally come the time where the wisest decision was to put an end to the activities they had been performing, to focus on other activities that might bring the company back to life again.

It is a sad loss for many Cyanogen users who decided to trust in the company’s project and will have now to find alternatives for their devices.

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