Lenovo vr headset - Windows Holographic
Lenovo vr headset - Windows Holographic. Image: Windows Central.

Lenovo just revealed a VR headset that will work with the Windows Holographic platform. Showgoers at the Las Vegas Convention Center were able to try it on for themselves as the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 starts to take flight.

Lenovo will also showcase other products in its 2017 campaign, including the X1 Yoga computer, the Yoga Book, the Phab 2 Pro smartphone (Tango-enabled), the Y720 gaming laptop, the X1 Carbon, and many others.

Lenovo’s VR headset sits in the same category as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive but will weigh and cost a tad less. The company estimates its total weight at 350g and will sell for a price closer to $300.

Lenovo’s VR headset features and specs 

Lenovo VR headset prototype. Image: Windows Central.

The headset comprises two OLED panels with a resolution of 1,440 x 1,440, which gives it a higher image quality than the current VR headsets leading the market.

The model showcased at CES, however, is only a prototype and is not completely functional. It is capable of providing, nonetheless, six degrees-of-freedom tracking, which eliminates the need for an external camera.

There are currently no peripherals in development, such as hand controllers, for the Lenovo VR headset. The company will let third parties build this complementary technology. Xbox controllers will work with this device.

The Microsoft Windows Holographic platform is also in need of more detailing, but Windows Store apps will work with the headset, Lenovo affirms. Aside from this, many HoloLens apps will integrate into this headset.

Lenovo’s VR gadget has two cameras at the front that will probably take part in mixed-reality experiences for users and features a minimalist design similar to that of PlayStation VR.

About Lenovo

The Chinese company started small in 1984 and has now grown to become one of the largest technology multinationals, with a primary focus on tech for business.

Lenovo’s computers have always been a go-to in the workplace, making it hard not to enter an office space and encountering ‘ThinkPads’ all over the place.

However, Lenovo is more than just workhorse laptops. Its Phab 2 Pro smartphone, Tango-enabled, and VR ready has been making some headlines along with its sleek Yoga lineup of devices and its varied roster of products for all budgets.

Older (but not less important) news include the release of their IdeaCentre Y710, an impressive gaming desktop (also VR-integrated), and the release of the VibeShot phone last October, dedicated to professional smartphone photography.

Source: Windows