CES 2017 Las vegas information
CES 2017 Las Vegas news. Image: YouTube.

CES Las Vegas is set to begin on January 5th, 2017 at 10 AM and will continue up to January 9th at 4 PM. It will count with three locations: CES Tech East: Las Vegas (Renaissance), CES Tech West: Sands Expo/The Venetian (Sands/Venetian), CES Tech South: ARIA, Cosmopolitan, and Vdara.

Produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, the International Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest technological event in the world. companies that are part of the business of consumer technologies showcase all the new inventions and prototypes to be released in the marketplace.

In this event, more than 3000 exhibiting companies, such as manufacturers suppliers and developers of consumer technology hardware, show and tell everything about their new products. The conference receives more than 165.000 attendees from 150 different countries.

What to expect of CES 2017

It is still uncertain what new devices and technologies they are going to wow us with, as the purpose of the convention is to exhibit the newest breakthroughs, but we can expect things under the following categories: 3D Printing,  Audio, Computer Hardware/Software/Services, Digital/Online Media, Electronic Gaming, Robotics. Video, IoT Devices & Services, among others.

It is important to know the convention is not open to the public in general, meaning you will need to be part of the consumer technology industry if you want to attend the event.

If you happen to be part, you can register in CES’s official web page by creating an account and following all the steps. All attendees will have to provide credentials in advance so they can verify affiliation with the industry and must present a government-issued photo ID the moment they arrive at the convention.

Celebrating 50 Years of CES

CES is turning 50 years encouraging and showcasing the newest technology at the moment of its creation. It has been active since 1967, and it has definitely seen the creation of new products that have changed the way we see the world and the way we live our lives.

Here are some of the most remarkable products that saw the light for the first time in this huge event:

Videocassette Recorder (VCR), 1970 as well as the Compact Disc – Interactive, 1991. It also witnessed the launch of the High Definition Television (HDTV), 1998 and the world famous  Microsoft Xbox and Plasma TV, 2001.

Some other inventions such as the Blu-Ray DVD and HDTV PVR, 2003 and the incredibly popular Tablets, Netbooks and Android Devices, 2010. All of these are just some of the many different creations we saw for the first time in CES. 

Source: CES 2017 Las Vegas