Top 5 TVs from CES 2017
CES 2017. Image Source: Sumairy.

The Consumer Electronics Show 2017 has so far met the expectations of the public in Las Vegas, with companies presenting several exciting new products at the week-long event.

The trade show floor is open to the public starting today and out of everything that is part of the exhibition this year, some of the most attractive unveilings are television sets.

Industry leaders have showcased their year’s work in home entertainment solutions at CES, and many of them are, quite frankly, breathtaking.

Most of them are not available yet and won’t be for some time, but here we have compiled the five best TVs presented at the Las Vegas event over the week.

LG Signature OLED W-Series TV

LG’s astonishingly thin OLED TVs are not precisely new, but the 2017 Signature W-Series managed to steal the show in Las Vegas thanks to its unique Picture-on-Wall mount.

Besides being made to meet LG’s highest quality standards, company designers delivered on the promise of making more with less, thus resulting in 2.57-mm thin profile that allows for W series TVs to elegantly rest on walls.

The Web OS flagship 77-inch W7 set took home the Best of Innovation Award at CES this year not only for its achievements in design but also for its imaging technology. The TV features 4K resolutions, HDR, ULTRA Luminance, and Dolby Vision support.

There is a flaw in the W-series, though, and it is that such a slim figure does not allow for audio integration, so a separate bar takes care of sound output. The 65-inch model launches on March, and the 77-inch version will follow it soon at a yet undisclosed price.

Samsung QLED TV

The other Korean powerhouse present at Las Vegas did not fall short of matching its rivals, offering “the next innovation in TV” with its QLED Series.

Samsung’s Q9, Q8, and Q7 TVs rely on the company’s Quantum Dot technology, which delivers unrivaled luminance at 2,000 units and 100 percent color volume according to the enterprise.

The QLED Series will include a ‘No-gap wall mount’ for vertical surfaces and a regular ‘Gravity Stand’ that resembles a piece of art. An ‘Invisible Connection’ cable will provide all solutions from power to peripheral devices.

No word on pricing or launch date of the QLED Series, but it will hopefully see a 2017 release from Samsung. Needless to say, the TVs run on the company’s Smart TV platform, and they are compatible with brand devices through apps.


Sony engineered a formidable competitor that stands up to even the mightiest of the LG W series, while also keeping a slick new trick up their sleeve.

The A1E Series will consist of three size models at 55, 65, and 77 inches. A 4k HDR Processor X1 Extreme will deliver vibrant images on the 8-million-pixel TRILUMINOS display.

It is worth noting that, when we say vibrant, we mean literally. Sony has developed Acoustic Surface technology that makes the screen itself resonate, so sound comes straight out of the BRAVIA A1E TVs.

Sony’s latest sets run on Android TV and are Google Play Store-ready, with additional support for devices like Google Home and other brand products. There is no price or launch date available at the moment.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4

The Chinese giant is soon becoming a public favorite in America for its quality products and record-low prices. Xiaomi arrived at the Las Vegas showcase with the latest in television: the Mi TV 4.

At just under 5 mm thick at its thinnest, the 65-inch Mi TV 4 is one of the few sets with a full specs sheet currently available. It weighs nearly 30 kg with a stand, and it comes with a Mi TV Bar for sound, a subwoofer, and a pair of speakers.

The frame is pretty much non-existent, so the screen takes up the whole panel, which will come in 65, 59, and 49-inch sizes. Dolby Atmos 3D is supported for audio, while Xiaomi claims its Patchwall OS is infused with AI and deep learning.

Unfortunately, the company will launch the Mi TV 4 exclusively in China later this year, with an attractive price tag below the $2,000 mark, according to tech reporters present at the closed-press event at CES.

Hisense 100H10D Laser TV

Hisense 100H10D Laser TV
Hisense 100H10D Laser TV. Image: Hisense.

Last but not least, Hisense brings laser technology back in perhaps the strangest unveiling in TVs at this year’s show. The 100H10D TV is not even a TV, but a projection system/home theater setup.

The most notorious feature of this release is, of course, the gigantic 100-inch screen. A short throw laser projector will deliver 4k, HDR image quality at 2,700 lumens, while the display itself is just 300 nits bright.

Hisense’s system includes one subwoofer and two speakers to elevate the viewing experience with Dolby 5.1 sound.

Who exactly is the 100H10D system aimed at we don’t know, but it costs $13,000 in total, and it will be available for purchase this summer in the U.S.

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