Sony will showcase Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite at the E3

Marvel vs. Capcom is back, as Sony Interactive Entertainment officially announced the release of Infinite during the PlayStation Experience 2016. The game will hit the stores in the last quarter of 2017 and will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Tomoaki Ayano, one of Capcom producers, shared some details about the last installment of the series and said they would reveal the specific release date at the E3 in June. 

Soon after the gameplay trailer of Infinite was revealed, Capcom’s director of digital media shared some details about the new installment on the PlayStation Blog.

The game will introduce 2 Vs. 2 battles changing the 3 Vs. 3 model from its predecessors. The company will launch “Infinity Stones” which are going to give unique abilities to every player. 

Tomoaki Ayano in Chun-li cosplay.
Tomoaki Ayano in Chun-li cosplay. Image: GameAxis.

That last change is significant considering the company will debut the Online Ranked Multiplayer, a brilliant strategy that companies like Riot and Blizzard made popular.

Will the X-Men appear in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite?

Many people still wonder if X-Men characters will be part of the upcoming game, but so far they have neither revealed nor mention anything on the matter. 

It appears the company is not allowed to include any X-Men related material on their video games due to a Marvel licensing agreement. 

This is sad news for all the fans that expected to see X-Men fighters included in Infinite. It’s important to remember that Capcom vs. Marvel history began with X-Men and Street Fighter.

About Capcom Vs. Marvel

Capcom created Marvel vs. Capcom series, and it counts with nine installments including Infinite. The first game was released back in 1997 for Sega Saturn and one year later for the PlayStation. 

The first installment was X-Men vs. Street Fighter, and it was followed by Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.

The last generation of consoles met the franchise in 2011 with the debut of Fate of Two Worlds for the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. The last installment the company released was Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 back in 2012.

Source: Den of the Geek