Product Red - iPhone Special edition
The new Special Edition iPhone will release on Friday. Image: Apple.

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled a couple of limited edition iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models that come in a new color: red. Part of the (PRODUCT)RED program, these special edition devices will release on March 24 bearing the same specs with a different cover.

RED is an initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa dedicated to helping people with AIDS get the medicine they need as well as combating the disease directly through education campaigns on the issue.

Apple also announced it was doubling the capacity of the entry-level iPhone SE to 32 GB and 128 GB for new models. Apple unveiled a new 9.7-inch iPad with Retina Display and a $329 price tag.

About Apple’s (PRODUCT)RED Program

RED and Apple are celebrating ten years of partnership. The organization fights the spreading of HIV and AIDS in a large part of Africa while the tech giant has become their largest corporate donor.

Working together, Apple has set up the (PRODUCT)RED initiative, a program spanning years now that basically consists of launching special edition products for a limited time. A percentage of the sales of these products goes directly to the Global Fund.

So far, iPod Nanos, Beats headphones, and Apple accessories have been launched under the (PRODUCT)RED campaign. This is the first time the company commits to releasing one of its flagship smartphones in vibrant red aluminum to support the cause.

The humanitarian organization uses the proceeds from Apple’s sales to buy and distribute ARV medication in Sub-Saharan Africa, a place plagued by disease and little control over sexual activities. The UN and the WHO are also in this part of the world trying to make a change.

Red iPhones’ price and the iPad deal

Along with the new red iPhones, the company said it was getting rid of the old iPhone SE storage configurations. The original device came with 16 GB and 64 GB, but new models will ship a standard 32 GB and 128 GB starting this Friday.

A new iPad is also debuting later this week. The flagship tablet by Apple will get a new next-gen processor and a cut to its $399 price tag. Now $70 off, the latest iPad will cost $329, the cheapest it has ever been.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition will sell in limited quantities for a short period of time both in stores and online. 128 GB models will start at $749, while 256 GB will run you $869. The specs remain the same.

Source: Apple