Apple's new headquarters look like a spaceship. Image: Apple.

Apple has announced that its new headquarters, now named Apple Park, and employees will to start moving in April. The campus comprises several facilities, and the official auditorium will be named Steve Jobs Theatre.

The main building, often referred to as the ‘Spaceship,’ is circular in shape and it holds the record for installing the longest pieces of curved glass in the world. The attention to detail on the inside is remarkable, according to internal sources.

Original plans estimated over 14,000 people could occupy the 175-acre campus in Cupertino, California but in the end, 12,000 will end up there. Builders will take care of the last few details in the next six months.

Apple Park honors Steve Job’s legacy

Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple until his death in 2011, envisioned the plans for the design and construction of the Apple Park just a few months before he passed away.

Jobs is already a legend for conceiving products like the Mac, the iPod, and the iPhone, Jobs’ legacy will be even more significant with the opening of the new Cupertino headquarters.

Similar to his approach to new projects, the Apple Park did away with Hewlett-Packard’s concrete campus and replaced it with an orchard, a pond, and a meadow. On top of it sits a 1,000-seat theater named after Jobs and set to be inaugurated later this year.

Over 9,000 drought-resistant trees have been planted on the 175 acres of land, and at the center of all, there is the main building. Resembling a flying saucer, Jobs envisioned a circular environment to foster creativity and collaboration.

Apple Park designers have put excruciating attention to detail

Needless to say, the company is raising the bar even higher regarding design with the Apple Park. Reports from construction workers and people close to the project say Apple is holding the campus to even higher standards than its products.

Everything from signage and door angles to electrical wiring and pipes need to be perfectly designed to fit the company’s aesthetic desires. On top of that, the entire campus runs on renewable energy provided by solar panels on the roof.

Insiders say even the elevator buttons resemble the iPhone’s home button, and that toilets sport the same, signature curved-edged design that flagship products from Apple have.

The Apple Park consists of the main building, a  giant fitness center, research and development offices, a visitor’s center, a café, and roughly two miles of walking tracks that communicate buildings.

Source: Apple