Xbox One Project Scorpio leaked specs January 2017

New details regarding RAM and GPU for the Xbox One’s Project Scorpio have surfaced on the web, according to numerous online sources. The console will reportedly not include ESRAM, unlike its predecessors.

Project Scorpio is an upcoming Xbox endeavor that looks to build the ‘most powerful’ console in the video game market.

Its official website states that Scorpio will bring Ultra-HD true 4K gaming through a 6-teraflop system.

The console does not have an official release date, but Microsoft points out to a summer unveiling this year. Phil Spencer, the current head of Xbox, has stated that it will come out before or at the same time as the E3 2017.

Leaked details about Project Scorpio

According to a leaked document from Microsoft, Scorpio will not contain Enhanced Static RAM technology, better known as ESRAM. Microsoft has not said anything about it.

Cutting ESRAM from Scorpio might bring some benefits as well as some setbacks. On the one hand, Scorpio will also be cheaper and easier to produce. Game programmers will also have more developing room to focus on other aspects besides optimizing for this type of memory.

On the other, Microsoft will have to come up with an entirely new architecture to maintain their ‘most powerful’ system promise. However, technological pros of cutting ESRAM might outweigh the cons when the console finally comes out.

The document also says that Scorpio will support Delta color compression, which reduces the amount of bandwidth required by the GPU to render color pixels. This functioning might result in a revolutionary color display and faster graphics performance.

About Scorpio

Phil Spencer revealed Microsoft’s plans for a super console at last year’s E3. Codenamed ‘Scorpio,’ the system is a hardware redesign of the Xbox One and will hold an octa-core AMD APU with 320GB of bandwidth and six teraflops of computing.

For comparison, the PlayStation 4 Pro currently offers a top 4.12 teraflops of power, though known video game consultant Mark Cerny, has stated that it could reach about 8. He also said that this was the minimum required for true 4K gaming, which Scorpio will not have.

However, this is only a personal estimate on his part, and Scorpio might indeed be able to run 4K games at their native resolution. To achieve this the console might include a minimum 12GB of GDDR5 memory, online rumors note.

Source: Eurogamer