Windows 10

US – One more information comes to be added to all those things we’ve heard and learned all this time since Microsoft’s new operating system was first released. This time, we learned about a new feature that will be used against Windows 10, by all those who already are against the new OS due to its privacy violating policy. And let’s face it, those people are already too many.

According to the latest information that were published by WinBeta, Windows 10 have the ability to spot any illegal or unlicensed software package on your computer as well as all the pirate games that the user has installed on his system. Slashgear wonders why Microsoft would pay so much attention in pirate games and chooses to which of all the games installed on a computer are pirate or illegally downloaded. Could it be that the company suddenly decided to adopt a more “law and order”-like conscious? Or perhaps there was some kind of deal between Microsoft and another company?

The most easy-to-think answer involves the company’s other gaming console, the Xbox. Microsoft probably wants to stop the use of pirate games on Xbox, a process which until now included the storage of all those games on a computer and the use of an external hard disk that was then connected to the Xbox.

Of course, no one can tell what exactly Microsoft will do with all those data it will collect by computers using Windows 10. Chances are, it will only stop the function of those games making it impossible for one to play a pirate game on Windows 10. Many users, companies and sites have already talked about legal issues that will occur by that policy, so one thing is for sure. We will hear about that again soon in the future. So until next time, stay tuned!