Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15019 news
Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15019 introduces new features to Windows 10. Image: Digital journal.

Microsoft announced the early release of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15019 on Friday, ahead of the upcoming Creators Update. The new OS version adds several gaming enhancements, Microsoft Edge features, and system functions.

The update is big on gaming, bringing a new Game Mode for top performance while playing on PC and built-in streaming via Beam.

Games also get their dedicated Settings section so users can tune their rigs as they wish.

Aside from that, there is an extensive list of bug patches coming with the new build, along with a more concrete set of additions like read aloud support on Microsoft Edge, night light improvements, and new privacy settings.

Game Mode in Windows 10: How does it work?

For starters, users need to take a look at their Settings page, which now includes an all-new Gaming section that shows up with the iconic Xbox logo. Entering this submenu will grant access to tweaking Game Mode, Game bar, GameDVR, and streaming options.

Game Mode optimizes Windows 10 to perform better when playing games. It knows the components you have and how far your machine can push them to deliver the best experience possible.

Users need to enable Game Mode first on the Gaming Settings page. After that, the feature will be available by bringing up the Game Bar (Windows + G) during a game.

The game bar also has some new tricks up its sleeve on Build 15019, with the addition of built-in Beam streaming and more titles that support toolbar functions. Gamers need only to prompt the Game Bar to set up their recordings and broadcast.

Game Mode rides on the shoulders of several elements that appeared with it on this latest build but that have been long coming to Windows 10 systems. A top-notch version of this whole new part of the OS will be available with the Creators Update.

What else is coming to Windows 10?

Microsoft Edge now has e-book read aloud support through a button in the upper right corner of the browser. The company only talked about EPUB files opened with Edge, but gave no word on other formats like PDF or MOBI.

The revamped browser will also show full-color, redesigned Emojis on sites that use the famous icons. Previously, Microsoft only supported a basic black and white version.

There is also a set of new privacy Settings that users can turn on or off including Location, Speech recognition, Diagnostics, Tailored experiences with diagnostic data, and Relevant ads.

Windows 10 now shows Windows Hello enrollment as an option to sign in and sign up to Microsoft Accounts. Both of these platforms have been updated to the newest UI design coming with the Creators Update.

Build 15019 for Insiders also includes the option to resize Virtual Machine Connection screens by just dragging the outer corners. The Blue Light filter has also been renamed Night Light to let users know what the filter does.

Source: Microsoft