Polaroid Pop-price
Polaroid Pop. Image: Polaroid.

Polaroid turns 80 in 2017, and what better way to celebrate than releasing a great new camera? The company unveiled the Polaroid Pop at CES 2017, a camera that is both analog and digital equipped with its iconic instant print mechanism.

Most would think the Polaroid Pop is a risky bet nowadays, especially with the boom of photography-centered apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

Both social media platforms are responsible for displacing digital cameras and even professional photography in favor of capturing moments with a smartphone.

However, Polaroid knows exactly what it is doing with the Pop, as it appeals to both nostalgia-fueled photographers and social media-crazed Millennials. Here is why the Polaroid Pop will be a hit when it launches later this year

The Polaroid Pop has “the best of both worlds.”

Polaroid is back with the Pop to capture the 80-year-old essence of the company in a new camera design with the latest specs in digital photography.

The Pop has a 20 megapixel CMOS sensor with dual LED flash. The camera can also record 1080p resolution video, and users can preview all footage on the 3.97-inch LCD touch display.

Polaroid’s latest instant cam also has a selfie mode, and it includes a timer. The Pop also allows photographers to edit photos within the camera, which stores up to 128 GB of pictures and video with a microSD memory.

The Pop is compatible with your smartphone

On top of all the functions available in the Polaroid Pop, the camera can also share photos with smartphones and mobile devices either online by connecting to Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth transfer.

Sharing works both ways, though, so you can send your Instagram pictures to the Polaroid Pop too. However, why would you want to have photos taken with your phone stored in another camera?

Polaroid’s Pop can print anything you throw at it

Well, the instant print function of the Polaroid Pop is why. Besides being able to print the photos it takes, the Pop can also print other photos you send to it.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about editing your pictures or losing your Snapchat filters. The Polaroid Print app (free for Android and iOS) has its creative filters, stickers, and modes for you to play with before printing images.

While many millennials know about instant cameras and the Polaroid brand, not many had the chance of taking pictures with it. The Pop’s predecessor, the Snap, brought this opportunity back to store shelves and since its release it has been a smash hit.

Polaroid representatives at CES are enthusiastic about the Pop’s launch given that they, apparently, can’t keep the Snap-in stock long enough. The $100 camera sells fast, and the main target market is young people who only got develop film at a photo studio.

The Polaroid Pop price and release date

Polaroid did not disclose a precise release date for the Pop, but it said the instant cam would be available in late 2017 just in time for the holiday season at an estimated $200.

Moreover, the ZINK Zero Ink paper it uses to print pictures costs only $20 per a 30-sheet pack. Photos printed on the Polaroid Pop will have the same 3×4-inch dimensions as traditional instant pics and a sticker back so you can put them in your fridge or anywhere you like.

Source: Polaroid