Westworld season finale: What’s happening on The Bicameral Mind

As Westworld’s season finale approaches, the fan theories surrounding the show’s big picture, the greater narrative, unfold in unexpected ways. Last week’s episode confirmed some of them, but the future is uncertain.

The last episode, just hours ahead, does not leave much room for speculation, but its role might diminish when the show continues. Two scenarios are possible, and one is this finale reveals everything fans have ever wanted to know about the park’s inhabitants.

However, the producers and writers could keep hiding the key elements of the story, prompting viewers to stick around, casting a more opaque veil into the timelines and plots and leaving fans macheting their way through Westworld’s narrative jungle.

What will happen in the Westworld finale?

Is that you, William? Image: Insider.

‘The Bicameral Mind,’ season-1’s final episode, will probably deal with the relationship between William and the Man In Black, as earlier concerns about both of them were at the leading discussions surrounding episode nine.

Both characters are theorized to be the same person, living in two different timelines, shuffling through events with a 30-year gap.

William falls in love with Dolores, and viewers can see the Man In Black and this character have an apparent relationship, a history together of some sort.

The final piece of the theory puzzle seems to fall into place after fans take into consideration the fact the Man in Black was a married man for 30 years until his wife’s recent suicide. However, nothing is sure, and there is more than one possible outcome for them.

Bernard might pull ‘the Jon Snow’

Park creator Robert Ford forced the character, recently revealed to be a host, to shoot himself at the conclusion of episode nine, but this does not necessarily mean that he will remain that way, given the fact that he is indeed an android.

Fans are counting on nothing more than the character’s previous relevance to the plot and newly discovered resemblance to the park’s co-creator Arnold for producers to bring him back, but again, nothing is certain.

Ford’s secret laboratory

The Dolores timeline confusion is sure to receive at least an update. Aside from that, fans might get to see what lies behind the Westworld park and what Ford is creating in his secret laboratory.

The story of Wyatt might also clarify itself through the last scenes, as he never posed to be a major character but had some key appearances and an apparent relationship with Dolores.

Westworld airs tomorrow, December 4, on HBO at 9 p.m.

Source: Telegraph