Westworld S01E09 confirms fan theories (Spoiler Alert)

Yesterday’s episode of Westworld┬ámarked a radical turn for the show’s narrative, setting alight a couple of fan theories that have been circulating over the web. The plot twists uncovered by the final scenes were only the confirmation of what most viewers expected.

Right after the character Maeve (played by Thandie Newton) revealed to Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) that he is a host, he later confronted the mysterious Ford (Anthony Hopkins) who finally disclosed his past.

As a side note, we note ‘Bernard Lowe’ is also an anagram for ‘Arnold Weber.’

This realization does not only change Bernard’s character in the sense he must now cope with a new understanding of his being but it also relates to the fact that Bernard learns he is the very image (a strange substitute) of the park’s mysterious co-founder, Arnold.

The trip down memory lane that follows also confirms something most fans had already figured out, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is responsible for Arnold’s murder.

Michelle MacLaren talks about Westworld’s plot

This episode’s director, famous for leading other installments on series such as ‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ and the critically acclaimed science fiction drama ‘The X-Files,’ recently shared her thoughts about ‘The Well-Tempered Clavier.’

“I was really excited to find out that Bernard was Arnold,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I thought it was so interesting that we got to see that he’s a host yet again, too, and the psychological impact that it has on Bernard.”

She went on to explain that, as a director, it was a great joy for her to shoot that particular scene because she realized the importance of what they were revealing, and also praised Jeffrey Wright’s ability to simultaneously channel both characters, in a way.

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The big reveals featured during Westworld’s last episode open the door for many fan theories to emerge. One, in particular, proposes the maze could be Arnold’s original way to get the hosts to become sentient.

This theory also expands to suggest, logically, the maze is now Arnold’s way to keep the hosts trapped, leaving Bernard as a possible hero and take revenge against Ford.

Westworld S01E09 highlights
Is that you, William? Image: Insider.

Episode 9 also vigorously renewed the theory that William (Jimmi Simpson) and The Man In Black (Ed Harris) are the same person, albeit in different timelines. If this theory came to be confirmed, it would shift the show’s direction entirely.

Source:The Hollywood Reporter